Love can be insane at times.

Bella who was in love with Zayn. Harry fall in love with Bella. She had to choose between both, will she go for Zayn? Or Harry?


3. Protected by Harry.


Harry: “Are you alright?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Harry: “Your eyes doesn’t say so.”

Harry comforted me. He went to the nearest park with me. I let out everything. He was there. I thought the guy who would be there was Zayn. But it wasn’t. I heard Harry’s phone rang. Cassandra called him. And I overheard that Harry said I was with him. Niall was looking for me. At least, I felt relieved. Someone care. Someone was there. Except not the person I hope for.

I asked Harry to sleepover at Louis’s house. And I called Louis for permission. He agreed. Harry talked about his life when we were walking at night back to the house. Harry slept in the living room.

Harry:“Bella, wake up.”

Me: “What time is it and how did you get in here?”

Harry: “Your room door wasn’t lock. And it’s 7.30am. Thought of asking you for a morning run.”

Me: “Meet you at the door soon.”

Harry: “Alright.”

I searched the house for Zayn, he was not in. Feeling hopeless. I left the house with Harry. The morning run was fun. Harry had a good stamina. Really good. But we went back home about an hour later. Tired. I got dress because Harry said, he’s bringing me to somewhere fun, interesting and exciting. He told me to bring extra attire and a swimsuit. I got a hint it’s gonna be swimming. I told Louis, Liam and Niall that I was going out with Harry. Surprisingly, Liam was home.

Louis: “Hey, Zayn’s gonna be jealous when he knows you’re hanging out with Harry.”

Me: “and why is that so? Nevermind, I’m running late. Bye guys!”

Liam: “wait! I’m coming with you!”

Cassandra did not tag along. Harry said she was meeting a friend. I really didn’t know who that friend was until I asked Liam, where’s Zayn. Liam told me that Zayn went out last night and Liam was too tired so he headed home. But he did not know where zayn went to. He received a voicemail from Zayn that Zayn went out in the morning with Cassandra.

Harry rested his hands on my shoulder, usher me through the crowd. I caught Liam looking at me, confused and suspicious. Liam was a fun guy to hang out with. My first impression was Liam was a type of the shy boy, quiet and doesn’t talk much. Discipline but you wouldn’t want to know when you got closer to him. Harry brought me to the scubadive centre in Ireland.

Liam: “wait, we’ll be doing watersports?! I did not bring an extra pair of clothes!”

Harry: “You could use mine. I brought two, just in case.”

Liam: “Thanks mate.”

Me: “Mm, guys. I’m afraid of swimming. I almost drowned for two times last year. I’m traumatized.”

Harry and Liam: “We’re here. You doesn’t have to be afraid. We’ll protect you.”

Harry: “I’ll protect you. You’ll be my rose and I’ll be your thorn.”

So yeah, before scuba diving, I took some basic tests. I knew how to swim. It was just that, I had a phobia. I tried to overcome it somehow. Harry hold me and he wouldn’t let me out of his side. Liam was the same too. They were really protective. I switched off my phone cause I wouldn’t want to be disturb by anyone.

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