Love can be insane at times.

Bella who was in love with Zayn. Harry fall in love with Bella. She had to choose between both, will she go for Zayn? Or Harry?


2. Heartache.


The whole plane journey was quite long, we reached Ireland airport at about 10pm. The guys rented a car and I was getting bored when Liam got to go to the washroom. Louis, “Do you really have to go now? In the middle of the road at 11pm? Ugh” Liam, “ sorry mate, I can’t hold on any longer” We stopped at the side of the road, at night. It was pretty dark, and I kind of got scared out of a sudden. Louis, “hey zayn, aren’t you getting out of the car? Oh, my bet, I forgot that his girl is in the car.” Louis and Niall laughed. I giggled too. I went out of the car, taking fresh air. I walked further down, it was quiet, dark and scary. But I just got to empty my mind. I couldn’t be thinking about zayn and me, it will never happened. Eventhough deep down, I wished we will. Niall ran up after me.

Niall: “Hey, you okay?”

Me: “yeah? Why?”

Niall: “oh nothing, I saw the way you looked at zayn. Mm, can I ask you a question?”

Me: “ Sure.”

Niall: “You’ve been friends with zayn, don’t you have any feelings for him? I meant every friendship will always have love right?”

I went quiet… And out of a sudden, I was in tears. I was so tense. I know we couldn’t be together. I’m not his type of girl. Zayn loves the type of girls who are more girl-ish type. I’m not. I love wearing sneakers, jeans, caps and sweaters.

Niall: “OMG! Are you alright?! Did I hurt you somehow?!”

Zayn: “Niall! What did you do to her?! Come on Bella! Let’s go!”

Me: “Zayn, no. Niall did not hurt me. He was just talking to me. I’m fine. It’s alright. Come on Niall, let’s go. The guys must be waiting for us.”

I stayed quiet during the trip. I did not talked nor did I looked at any of the guys. I shove my earpiece, blasting my music and be in my world. It was 5 in the morning when we reached Louis’s place. We were staying at Louis’s aunt’s place. Louis aunt went oversea for a vacation so Louis let us stay there till his aunt got back.

“Bella, you could take the master bedroom instead. Louis and Niall in another room, Liam and me would be in the living room. There isn’t much room though. And the reason I’m letting you be in the master bedroom as that room can be locked.” Zayn said.

Me: “You could sleep in my room, I’ll be on the bed and you’ll be on the floor. I’ll feel much more safer with you.”

Louis: “Aww, how sweet! I wanna sleep with you too!”

Zayn: “No way! She’s all mine.”

I swore i was blushing. Liam and Niall was laughing. I started to unpack my clothes, and I found a pair of sweater, which Zayn had the same as mine. It was on our friendship anniversary.

Zayn: “hey, you still keep that?”

Me: “yeah why?”

Zayn: “nah, just wondering what’s our next friendship anniversary will be like. It’s next month. Countdown!”

I suddenly realized that I was so busy having Zayn on my mind. I had forgotten about our friendship anniversary. That night, Niall asked me out for a dinner. Zayn did not allow me. But I told him that Niall was our friend too. Niall was pretty good at direction. Well of course, he’s always here on a vacation with his band mates. He bought me to a fancy restaurant. I got to know him better. I did not realized how beautiful his eyes were. It’s blue. Shining, shimmering blue.

Niall: “Bel, excuse me for a while. I need to go to the washroom.”

Me: “since when did you start calling me Bel?”

Niall: “A few seconds ago.”

Niall left from his seat.

“Hey, I’m Cassandra, and this is my friend, Harry.” A blonde, tall, thin, beautiful girl came up to me.

“Hi, I’m Isabella, Bella will do.” I smiled.

“So you and niall?” harry asked. “What?! No. he’s a friend of my best friend. We’re here on a vacation.” Niall came back from the washroom a few minutes after that. “So you met my friends already?” he said with his cheeky tone. I was surprised that both of them were Niall’s friend. I meant, is he famous in Ireland?

I got to know more about Harry and Cassandra. Cassandra was busy talking to Niall, and I was left alone. But Harry was really friendly. He kept talking and asking about me. Glad to meet a new friend in Ireland. My phone rang. And the three of them turned to me. It was Zayn. Probably just checking out where I was. But it turned out to be…..

Zayn: “babe, I’m going out with Liam. I’ll be back in the morning. Don’t wait for me. Enjoy your meal with Niall.”

He hanged up. Never in my life, he ever hanged up the phone on me. I was quite upset. I just left the restaurant. Not saying anything to Niall, Cassandra nor Harry. I went walking on the road. Wherever my feet can take me to. I was heartbroken, in pain, hurt. He doesn’t saw that, did he? Someone tapped on my shoulder, I turned and to see Harry standing beside me. 

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