Love can be insane at times.

Bella who was in love with Zayn. Harry fall in love with Bella. She had to choose between both, will she go for Zayn? Or Harry?


5. Camping.


The next day..

It was 7am in the morning. I’m wide awake. Surprise? Yeah. Quite surprised.

Me: Morning Lou!

Lou: *rubbing his eyes* What time is it?

Me: 7am.

Lou: you’re up early today. What’s up?

Me: Nothing. Just wondering. So what’s the plan for today?

Lou: hiking at 10 till tomorrow. We’ll be camping for a night. Zayn’s coming with Cassandra.

Me: Alright. I’ll go pack my bag first.

-Bella POV-                   

What?! Zayn’s coming?! With Cassandra?! Ugh, this sucks. But, I got Hazza, Lou, Niall, and Liam. I’ll be fine. I’m sure I will. Pretending is easy, been doing it for years.

-End of POV-

Hazza knocked on my room door.

Hazza: you ready babe?

Me: yeah.

Hazza: the boys are waiting outside with… Zayn.

He assisted me out of the house.

Me: Let’s go guys! It’ll be fun! Exciting!

Zayn: hi baby, I miss you.

Me: haha. Zayn, I miss you too. But you do know your girlfriend is right behind ya, don’t you?

Cassandra: it’s okay Bella, I know your relationship with Zayn. You guys are pretty close together.

It took about 2 hours to reach our campsite. It was 12 noon. Zayn walked towards me.

Zayn: So how are you? Hey, I know you must be feeling mad that I leave you unattended, I just went away with my girlfriend. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have treated you that way. You’re my best friend. You will always be my one and only best friend.

Me: I’m fine thank you.

Harry stood beside me and Zayn walked back to his girlfriend. I’ve hurt him. I could see it from his eyes. But I’m just protecting my feelings. We had a good lunch at the campus. Of course we would, Niall brought a big bag full of foods. Especially his nandos. Niall just love to eat, a lot.

We went into the woods, Liam, like a big brother leading us through. Niall was next. Harry was beside me, all the time and Louis on the right side of me. Zayn and Cassandra, the last pair to walk. The boys took a lot of silly pictures with my camera. Didn’t know they were photogenic. Haha. Halfway up the mountain, Cassandra fell. She had a sprained ankle. Seeing Zayn rushing to her aid kills me a lot. I hold back my tears. I kept telling myself that I have no right to feel that way for Zayn. He belongs to her now.

Zayn carried her on his back. His arms, so strong and muscular. I imagined myself in that situation. I can’t forget him. He’s been a part of me. Leaving me with a little hope, I knew that one day, I’ll be Zayn’s girl. His only girl in the world. We walked down the mountain to our campsite. We couldn’t continue the hike. It’ll be unfair for Cassandra. I almost fell, my shoe was slippery. I was embarrassed and my face turned bright red at that moment. Harry caught me.

Harry: Bella! Be careful!

Me: gosh, thanks hazza!

I swore I felt a part of me dying. Harry’s such a sweet and loving guy. Why wouldn’t Cassandra fall in love with him? They’ve been friends for so long. I’m pretty sure one of them eventually fall in love. Or probably given up on love.

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