Love can be insane at times.

Bella who was in love with Zayn. Harry fall in love with Bella. She had to choose between both, will she go for Zayn? Or Harry?


7. Back to Lou's house.


We went back to Lou’s house early. We set off at 6am and we reached at 8am. Two hour journey back home. Liam drove really fast. I did not talked much on my way back to Lou’s house. I’m still hurt of what Zayn had said to me back at the campsite. I wish it was just a nightmare. I wish it was easy to forget.

So, I’m left with five more days before I head home, well except that the boys will stay longer. Finally. It’s been a long vacation. I miss home. I miss mum, dad, my brother and sister. I miss everyone. I thought things turned out to be the way I expected. But again, I let myself have high hopes on something that I know deep down in my heart, it will never happened. And it’s true. Zayn met someone new. I met someone new too. I made a lot of new friends. I have my irish boy, my curly wurly boy, my boy who is afraid of spoons, and my carrot love boy. They are there now. Not Zayn anymore.

Louis: Bella! You’re left with five more days with us. So why not you spend your 5 days with each of us?

Me: Five of you? Who’s the last boy?

Liam: that’ll be Zayn.

Niall: Bell’s gonna spend the first day with me! She’s mine!

Louis: she’s mine on the second day!

Liam: she’s mine on the third day!

Everyone looked at Harry.

Harry: well, looks like I’m gonna be the fourth. You guys are so mean! Didn’t even gave me a chance to speak!

Everyone laughed at Harry. Hazza is plainly so adorable. All of them actually.

Zayn: I’ll meet you babe on the last day.

Liam: We’re gonna send you to the airport, so no worries babe. You’re safe with us.

Eversince Zayn left, I felt safer with them.

The next day.

Niall: Morning Bell! Are you ready for today?

Me: I am! So what’s the plan for today?

Niall: I’ll bring you to all of the fancy restaurant in Ireland today! I’m hungry!

Me: Niall, you’re forever hungry. But I’ll grow fatter today.

Niall: Nah you won’t. You don’t know you’re beautiful, oh oh oh.

He sang. I giggled cause he’s just so cute. We had a very nice talked for that day. He talked to me that if he have a girlfriend, he wouldn’t hurt her. He’s fragile, I can see it. The girl that Niall will fall in love with, better don’t hurt my best friend or she’ll face it. Niall is such a good guy, caring, and understanding towards girls feeling. He’s charming.

Niall: Hey, do you know Harry is head over heels for you?

Me: Quit the crap Niall, don’t joke around about love. You knew I hate it, right?

Niall: I’m not even joking, it’s true. Ask him if you don’t believe me.

Me: what? No way.

We reached Lou’s house at 8pm. I was getting tired. I crawled up my bed, when Louis knocked on my door.

Me: sup lou?

Lou: Kinda need to talk. About… well, Zayn.

Me: mm, sure?

Lou: Zayn broke up with Cassandra today. He said he wanted to be with you. He can’t afford to lose you anymore. He’s been really crazy and acting weird. Cassandra was really hurt, she just went off and cried. We couldn’t contact her until now. Harry is still trying to reach her but she’s just nowhere to be found. It hurts to see my own friend that way. I thought you could help, since it’s all about Zayn and you.

Me: you know I can’t love Zayn again right? After what he had done to me. You know I can’t take away his love from Cassandra and be happy again. Cassandra needs him. What am I suppose to do? I’m so confused.

Lou: You should talk to Zayn now. But, you should know Harry is in love with you too.

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