Love can be insane at times.

Bella who was in love with Zayn. Harry fall in love with Bella. She had to choose between both, will she go for Zayn? Or Harry?


8. Amusement park.


Me: I’ll talk to him tomorrow morning. I’m really exhausted. I need some time to think and I need to rest.

Lou: Not until your face turns back normal. You’re looking pale right now. I’m worried for you.

Me: Pardon me if I fall asleep. Cause that happens when I’m really exhausted.

We both laughed. But it’s true. I do fall asleep when I’m really exhausted and when I woke up, I won’t remember what happened. I fell asleep. I woke up at three in the morning as I need the washroom badly and I saw Lou sleeping at the couch in my room. I bet he’s tired but he’s worried about me, how sweet can he be?

I accidentally kicked the couch and it woke Lou up.

Me: Opps! Sorry Lou, It was dark. I couldn’t see where I was heading to. Go back to sleep before I sing you a lullaby.

Lou: It’s okay. Where’re you heading to?

Me: To the bathroom.

Lou: Oh, right. Why would anyone be waking up at this timing if they weren’t in the need of the bathroom?

Me: That’s right, silly. Now excuse me, I need the bathroom now. Be right back Lou.

I went out of the toilet five minutes later to see Lou asleep on the couch. I really guessed he’s just tired for the day. Probably. His sleeping posture was so cute. I definitely did not went back to sleep after waking up, it sucks to wake up early in the morning. Certainly for me cause I’m not a morning person. Tick-tock-tick-tock, the clock passed by 6am. Lou was awake! Finally! I was waiting for him to be awake.

Lou: You’re up early? Surprise me?

Lou asked me with his sleepy voice. Ahhh~

Me: Eversince I accidentally kicked your couch, I did not went back to sleep. I couldn’t sleep. I had no idea why.

Lou: That explains your red eye. Look in the mirror. Your eyes. For one reason, I thought I was staring at a vampire when I woke up. Oh yeah Bell! Do you remember we have a date today? It’s my day with you! So what do you plan to do today?

Me: I’m fine with anything. I’ll follow where you would like to go.

Lou: Great! Let me get wash up and I’ll tell you where we’re going? Have you talked to Zayn?  

Me: Sure carrot boy! And nope. He’s not awake. Nevermind, will try to talk to him soon.

Few minutes later,

Lou: Alright! So what do i smell like?

Me: Err, you smelled like my perfume. Wait! Did you used my perfume?!

Lou: You got a strong sense of smelling, don’t you? Yes, I did. Haha! Sorry Bell, promise I won’t do it again. Accept my apology please?

Me: Hmm..

Lou: You’re cute, you’re pretty, you’re beautiful. You’re smart, I’m sorry.

Me: Haha! Stop it Lou! You know I can never fight with you, right?

Lou: Yes, I do. So we’re going to amusement park today. I thought it will help to make you happy before you went back which is the next 4 days. Can’t you stay a little longer? Harry would be please to hear that. Oh, I forgot to tell you. You’re taking my car today.

Me: Seriously? Are you kidding me? The car that you would never use unless it’s important cause that was the car that you get from your aunt for your birthday when you were 16 years old?

Lou: Nope and I know how much you would like to ride that blue car of mine.

Me: Aww! Thank you Lou! I love you buddy!

Lou: Have always love you too babe.

The amusement park was the biggest, like the biggest amusement park I had been! There were lots of teenagers around my age and Lou. It was pretty amazing. I saw a big soft toy of spongebob and I went insane for it. I played that dart game and it was pretty difficult. I wasted a few bucks of my money on a game and Lou knew that I wanted that Spongebob badly. He tried playing it too. He told me that whatever happened on that day, that spongebob will be mine. It did! He played it for the seventh time before getting that spongebob for me. Before he won, I told him I would be fine, it’s just a toy. But he refuses to listen. Guys, that’s just the way they are.

We headed to the haunted rollercoaster. I had no idea that the ride was really scary and I was holding on to Lou. But Louis was laughing from the time the ride started to the end of the ride. He was laughing at me. Lou was mean.

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