Close To My Heart (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Hey, I'm Kylie. Kylie Martin. I live in Doncaster, England. I am 15 years old. I have known Louis Tomlinson since I was just a baby. My mom actually gave him his first haircut. He'd lived in London for a while but moved to Doncaster in Year 4. Before, I kind of just considered him as a friend. But after my friends started to think that he likes me, I couldn't help but like him back and we became very close friends. But I'm still not so sure that he feels the same way...


2. Case Closed

It was a few days after I finally talked myself into not liking Louis. I had obviously told my friends everything. That morning, I started chatting with Liv. "You like him, amd we know it!" Liv said. "Ew! I don't like Louis! If anybody likes eachother, its the other way around." I shot back at Liv a little too defensively. "So, what you're saying is that he likes you?" She questioned. "Yeah-I guess so- I don't know," I sighed, frustrated. And that was the truth, I had no idea what my "feelings"-if they even are "feelings"- towards Louis were. I also had no idea how he felt about me. Most of me knew he was just being himself, but a small part of me hoped it was something more.

I slid into my seat for science, which flew by quickly with more chitter chatter with Louis and Camryn, then english and science blah blah blah and before I knew it, they school day was over. I went home and threw my backpack onto my bedroom floor in front of my closet. I greeted my nana and my little 9 year old sister, Jackie. Both my mom and my dad were working, as usual. I got out my phone and went on twitter. I checked my mentions, not many, just a few from Elle. Twitter is basically my life. You could say that I really like a certain boyband.

After replying to the tweets from Elle, I decided to text her about Zayn. She said that she's starting to like him even more now. Elle doesn't usually go for boys like Zayn, boys who go for popular girls. But I have to admit that Zayn is undeniably adorable and absolutely hilarious if I do say so myself.

The next day...

Most of the beginning of Wednesday was a blur. I'd hardly gotten any sleep the night before. I was up really late writing a fanfic about that damn boyband. It was already silent reading time where basically every day, me, Ash, and Camryn "read" together in the hall. "Read" is basically code for gossip with a book in front of our faces.

Oh, by the way, while I was writing that stupid fanfic, I'd realized that I actually did like Louis. And coming to my breaking point wasn't as shocking as I thought it would be. "Who do you guys like?" Camryn suddenly asked me and Ashley. I genuinely trust Camryn. I don't think she would tell anyone. "Promise you won't tell-" I started. "Come on Kylie! Who do I really have to tell?" She talked me into telling her. "-I like Louis, not alot though. Honestly, just a little bit." I gave them a weak smile. "Oh, alright!" Camryn cheered, "What about you, Ash?" "I don't like anyone in this school, but I like a guy named Eric from my old school," Ashley answered.

"Do any of you happen to know who Lanie likes?" Camryn asked mischeviously. "I do-" I cannot believe I just said that. Now I had to answer Cam. But how could I betray Lanie? Eh, Lanie wpn't find out anyway, I reassured myself. "Lanie likes Zayn, and so does Elle," SHOOT. Had I really just done that? Not only betrayed Lanie, but also Elle? If they found out that I told, I would surely never hear the end of it. "Oh my gosh," Camryn laughed.

Days passing by...

After any person in the hall walked by, we would say "Zayn". Eventually, we absentmindedly said it to Elle and Lanie. That's how they found out. Lanie wasn't too bothered by it, as long as Cam didn't tell anyone. On the other hand though, Elle took it a little harder. She even told Hannah that I like Louis! Hannah is one of those girls that you actually try to keep secrets from, because if she knows, then basically the whole school knows. I guess I don't blame Elle for getting mad though, she had every right to. What I did was just plain old mean. And the sad part is that I'm pretty sure Zayn found out that both Lanie and Elle like him.

I have to say, I was feeling pretty bad and scared. Scared that Louis and evryone else would find out. That's what scared me. I was going to play it by year, see what happens next. I need to keep a close eye out and ear in for rumors, especially now that Hannah knows.

Author's note: Hiya Guys! I've really been enjoying writing this fanfic! My friend is also writing a fanfic about these people. Her user is Chrissy so go check out her fanfic! If you have any opinions or questions I'd love to hear or answer them :)

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