Close To My Heart (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Hey, I'm Kylie. Kylie Martin. I live in Doncaster, England. I am 15 years old. I have known Louis Tomlinson since I was just a baby. My mom actually gave him his first haircut. He'd lived in London for a while but moved to Doncaster in Year 4. Before, I kind of just considered him as a friend. But after my friends started to think that he likes me, I couldn't help but like him back and we became very close friends. But I'm still not so sure that he feels the same way...


1. I can't like him.

It was the end of the day and we were at study hall. That's the time at the end of the day when we have a solid 45 minutes to start our homework, but I bet you already knew that. Luckily, my study hall  teacher, Ms. Fletcher, lets us talk. Me and my friends, Lanie and Kenzie, were sitting at our desks and discussing the usual stuff. Gossip, homework, friends, and boys. Lanie leaned in close to my ear and whispered, "Kevin is pretty cute, you know. I'm not saying I have a crush on him or anything, but he is just cuter than most of the boys in our grade." I nodded in agreement and replied, "Yeah, but it's not like he's the Taylor Lautner of 10th grade." Just as I said that, Louis walked by. He had only heard the last part and saw me give him a funny glance. "She just called me the Taylor Lautner of 10th grade!" he exclaimed. I facepalmed myself but I couldn't help but giggle.


"No I didn't! What are you talking about?" I asked with a laugh. Louis smiled at me and walked away. "He totally likes you!" Lanie whisper-shouted to me. "No no no. He can't like me okay. We are just friends," I responded. I mean, I guess he might like me. He could. My friends say that I'm the type of girl that the guys go for, but I don't feel like I am. Besides, I am much too tall for Louis. Probably a good 4 inches taller. I have wavy light brown hair and grey-blue eyes which interest me because both of my parents and my sister have brown eyes. Anyway, back to Louis. I don't like him. I can't like him. I have known him since we were only 1. I do not have  a crush on Louis Tomlinson.


The next day...


I walked into school the next morning where my friends greeted my at my locker, as usual. Gypsy, Liv, Perrie, Bianca, Elle, and Victoria were all waiting for me. Isabelle and Sami, my locker neighbors, seemed to be slightly annoyed by them. Sami doesn't really care as much as Isabelle does though. I put everything away into my locker and got ready for homeroom. Elle had recently told me that she likes Zayn, who was one of Louis' best friends. I asked her how everything was going and she said that it could go better, she's not really the type to flirt. She flirts from a distance you could say. She also liked Niall a little bit. But Niall was our friend Hannah's ex, so we decided that information would stay just between us.


I walked over to Tom. He's been a good friend of mine since Year 3. His girlfriend, Rose, was there. Tom sometimes annoys me, but I know he is a good person at heart. Rose doesn't speak much. I said hello to them and then asked Hannah if I could talk to her for a moment. She excused herself from her group of friends and came over to me. "What's up?" she asked. "Uh, do you happen to know who Louis Tomlinson likes?" I awkwardly questioned. "Why would you want to know?" she asked suspiciously. "Because I do..." was all I could think of to say. "Okay, well he liked Georgia Lannon last year," she told me. "Alright, thanks," I said, "I have to get to class now, bye Hannah," "See you later Kylie!"


I honestly never realized how many classes of mine Louis was in. Really. He's in my science, my english, my math, my humanities, my gym, and even my homeroom! My first class after first period- which for me, today was Spanish- I had science. I rushed over to my locker to get my materials and walked into the science classroom. I took my seat. I just realized that Louis sits at the next table over, next to Camryn. Camryn is the most popular girl in my grade, but she is honestly a really good friend of mine and she is really nice. And crazy hilarious.


"Today, we will be watching some of the scientific film, Earth." Ms. Mak announced as she put the film into the player and it began. "Hey," Louis whispered to me and Camryn. "What?" I asked, keeping my voice low. "You see that lemur in the film?" Louis asked while me and Camryn glanced at the screen which showed a small brown lemur with giant eyes. "Yeah? What about it?" Camryn asked, clearly confused. "It's Daisy!" Louis exclaimed. Daisy is another one of the popular girls. She has really big eyes. "Louis! Shut up! That's so mean!" me and Camryn both said at the same time.


About a another half hour went by with giggling and jokes coming from me, Camryn and Louis. "That's so ugly," Louis quietly spoke, pointing to an odd-looking bird on the screen. "Like your face!" Camryn said to Louis as the three of us laughed. As the video went on, we kept going with the "like your face" saying. When we all started to get bored, Camryn says, "Hey, what about, like your ass?" "Good one" Louis chuckled. A few more minutes passed and then the film showed a guy sky diving. "Aye, that looks fun," I piped. "Like your ass," Louis joked. Both me and Camryn's jaws dropped to the floor but Camryn quickly picked her's up and remarked "So your saying that it's fun? To play with it?" I mentally facepalmed myself. Then I really facepalmed myself.


"Can you twerk?" Louis suddenly asked me. "Uh-" I started but Louis cut me off, "that's what my sister asks people," "Uhm, how old is your sister?" I choked. "She's 17." Louis said. Camryn was sort of just awkwardly sitting there but just then the teacher dissmissed us. I was so confused. Oh well. I would just tell my friends later. Next I had english, but nothing interesting happened there really. After english I have math, where I sit right next to Louis.


He was showing me his new Nike's. "They're purple," he told me, glancing up at me with his beautiful blue-green orbs. No no no, what am I saying? His eyes are not beautiful, he's Louis. Gosh, what is wrong with me? "No, they're black." I told Louis, confused. He moved his foot out from under his desk into the light. His shoes shone dark purple in the rays of the sunlight. "See?" he asked me, smiling again. "Yeah, that's really cool." and completely adorable that you would actually take the time to show me something little like this, I wanted to say.



Author's note: Hey guys! This fanfic is actually about what happened with my crush, but I obviously changed everyone's name. So, the plot of this story is entirely real! I wanted to apologize for making this 1st chapter so short but I've been writing it forever and I wanted to put it out. If you have any reviews then I'd love to hear them. Thanks!





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