Fate brought us here

Jess is just your average 17 year old, well that is until she gets a brain tumour. But not everything goes wrong for jess, as she meets one direction whilst making a documentary about her illness. Ever since she was 12 she's always love one direction, especially Niall! Will fate bring them closer than jess had ever thought!?


2. No, it's real

I woke up again, secretly hoping that it wasn't a dream but I'd be extremely nervous if it was! But it was real. One direction were still sat at the end of my bed, smiling sympathetically. Shit what was I going to do!? I'd always imagined meeting one direction, but never this way! Who would? I looks t them one last time before laying back down. The thought of one direction being anywhere near me just wouldn't register in my brain! Quickly I sat up and looked at them. "This is real isnt it? I am in hospital and in the same room as one direction!?" Was all that I could say, looking back now, I probably seemed like I would jump up out of bed and smother them in affection! "Yeah, you are awake I promise!" Harry said with a wink. "Fuck..." I whispered. "Oh shit sorry, that came out without me realising.." I winced at the thought of embarrassing myself on my one and probably only chances of getting too meet one direction. To my surprise, they all just chuckled and smiled at me. "Why am I here by the way?" I questioned sheepishly. "You collapsed, something to do with too much fluid in your head I think the doctor said, although I quite like the idea that you fainted because you'd just given me a hug!" Niall winked. Thank god for that, I had a valid reason for collapsing and humiliating myself infront of the biggest boybands in the world! This day couldn't get much better I thought to myself. If only we hadn't met like this though, how embarrassing!
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