Fate brought us here

Jess is just your average 17 year old, well that is until she gets a brain tumour. But not everything goes wrong for jess, as she meets one direction whilst making a documentary about her illness. Ever since she was 12 she's always love one direction, especially Niall! Will fate bring them closer than jess had ever thought!?


7. Let's go!

Harry's POV

Jess seemed a little apprehensive about going, not sure whether this would benefit her illness or not. But she couldn't help but smile as Niall spoke to her, ushering her to go and get changed ready to go. I personally think that Niall's idea about Thorpe Park was a great one. We had asked as many fans a possible to come down to the theme park in London, not only so that we could meet them, but also to try and raise as much money as possible for Jess! She is such an amazing girl, after everything that she's been/is still going through, she still carries on making everyone around her proud! Niall's an idiot if he doesn't do anything about his feelings in the next few days. It's not just me that thinks that either...

"Love is in the air do doo doo doo doo doo doooo..." Louis joked, thankfully Niall wasn't in the room at the time or he'd have taken Lou's head off!

"But seriously guys, if Niall tries to tell us one more time that him and Jess are "just friends" I will scream! I said mimicking the inverted commas around "just friends".

"Bless him" Zayn chuckled. But before we could continue, Niall walked through peering curiously at us as our conversation came too a hault.

Zayn's POV
I have to admit, even though Niall and Jess have only known each other not even three weeks, you can tell that they're falling for one another. And when I say falling, I mean they're falling real hard! As Harry and Louis spoke, you could hear Jess giggling from the bedroom along with a throaty chuckle from Niall as he was clearly trying to motivate her to get changed. She wasn't too sure about whether or not to go to the ride opening, as she gets extremely claustrophobic and Incase obviously anything happens that will affect her already poor health! But Niall was well aware of her catiousness, as he had planned exactly what would happen. Not matter what, with security or not, there's no way that Niall would EVER let anything happen to Jess. Not in a million years!

Niall's POV

I walked out of Jess's room with a huge grin on my face after play fighting with her to get changed. God that girl's hard work...but I guess that's one of the things that attracts me to her, the fact she likes to be independent although at times can be VERY stubborn. The lads stopped their conversation and smiled at me as I looked at them confused, obviously at hey had just been talking about me and Jess. They know how much I like her, I just don want to admit it and jinx it yet! But my thoughts were abruptly stopped as Jess walked out of her room, still doing her hair. She looked stunning! I mean she always does, but more so today for some reason. I guess that she didn't want to look bad, as a lot of the fans have already made some extremely rude comments and suggestions about her. I lov the fans, obviously, but sometimes their overprotectiveness was too strong. No matter what the fans say, I like Jess and that isn't going to stop me from having feelings for her! Jess looked at me with a confused smile as my stared adorned her. I hadn't realised I had been staring at her, my stares obviously clear to the lads who I was looking at. My cheeks blushed about 100 different stages of pink to red as I smiled shyly at Jess.

'You look gorgeous, as always!" I winked jokingly at her.
She gave me an embarrassed look as she look her soft pink lip between her teeth. I ha obviously embarrassed her.

"Right you two love birds" Harry cheekily spoke, "it's time that we left iterates we won't be there in time, so Niall stop drooling and go get some shoes on!"
Yet again my cheeks furiously blushed the colour still not fully gone from a few minutes ago. He was such an embarrassment it was unbelievable at times! But I quickly grabbed my shoes and slid them on my feet as Jess got a jacket and fumbled through her bag for her phone as she searched for her vans. She stood smiling at the door, ready to go. She looked absolutely breath taking! She wore a pair of light denim highwaisted shorts that sat perfectly on her delicate bum, a baggy t-shirt tooked carefully in, with the sleeves rolled slightly with some knee high socks, purple vans and her favourite leather jacket with studs on the shoulders. I guess in a way she was the sort of girl I go for, she wears natural makeup and doesn't go overboard on anything, she dresses nicely and we share the same interests and everything which is great! Harry chuckled slightly to break the awkward silence as Jess gripped her phone typing a message, her hair falling carelessly over her shoulders.

"Right, lets go then!" Liam chirped. We did so, as inlocked the front door and left for the car.
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