Fate brought us here

Jess is just your average 17 year old, well that is until she gets a brain tumour. But not everything goes wrong for jess, as she meets one direction whilst making a documentary about her illness. Ever since she was 12 she's always love one direction, especially Niall! Will fate bring them closer than jess had ever thought!?


9. Here we are...

Niall's POV

The car journey there was quite awkward, I could feel the tension in the air a the boys and I made idle chit-chat with Jess, to try comfort her nerves. She sat in the middle of Harry and I-( with Liam, Louis & Zayn on the opposite side), cautiously looking around as we pulled up at the theme park gates. Her long brown hair cascading her tanned shoulders, as she peered out if the window
"Shit!" She breathily swore, the panic clear in her voice as she saw all of the people that were slowly getting closer!
"Ayy, ayy!" I looked at her with puppy-dog eyes, "look at me,Jess, you're going to be fine, I promisssssse you!" I smiled dragging out the 's'. She looked at me worriedly, and punched my shoulder and told me to shut up. "Woaaah, ouchhh, what was that for?" I cheekily asked rubbing my shoulder pretending it hurt.

"Because you're a knob, and you think you're funny taking the mick out of me!" She sighed. I stared back into her crystal blue eyes, shocked at her previous outburst.
"If you weren't so hot, I'd have punched you in the face, not the shoulder you wimp!" She winked at me, her tone playful as I pulled her head into my chest to comfort her obvious nerves, as we neared the screaming girls!

Jess's POV

I joked with Niall, hoping that my nerves weren't showing through, as Niall pulled me to his chest. In a way, it was comforting, but at the same time, strange. Never in a million years did I expect to be in this situation! But I didn't refuse. His warm chest rising and falling beneath me soothes my aching head from all the apprehension of today's events. However, he shocked me when he snaked his warm arm around my back, enterwining his hand with my free one . I jumped slightly, not being treated like this in a long time came as an obvious shock to me (after my ex of 3&1/2 years treated me so badly!) it was nice though, to be treat like I actually meant something to Niall! Butterflies in my stomach began to appear as he gently squeezed my hand and smiled at me, before testing his head on top of mine. This was getting slightly awkward, as Harry did a 'not-so secretive' signal to Louis, who made a joking cooing noise, only to be answered to by Niall in a not-so polite way to go away!

Harry's POV
Well, if Niall won't admit that he likes Jess now, he definately is lying! He's never been as comfortable around a girl as he is with Jess in the whole time I've known him! They're practically smothering each other in affection, if that's not love, I don't know what is! They're so comfortable around each other, they talk literally about everything. They're so compatible Aswell- personalities, looks, everything! They'd make the cutest couple EVER!
As we pulled up to the car park, it was swarmed with screaming fans. Jess's panic set in, her face drained of colour as she nervously gulped. Niall whispered something to her, which made her giggle, before saying to her
"Come on, you wanna go on these rides or not? Huh?" He looked at Jess, who sighed and sarcastically nodded. So we got out of the car one by one, greeted a few fans, and went inside to speak to the management about Jess's charity. She still had not idea what so ever about what was planned on her behalf. As her documentary was still being aired and filmed up until she got her results back, which was about a month away, so we decided to ask them to come along, as it was going to be great publicity for Jess's charity 'Hopes&Dreams'. Niall could only hope that she was going to appreciate this gesture!
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