Fate brought us here

Jess is just your average 17 year old, well that is until she gets a brain tumour. But not everything goes wrong for jess, as she meets one direction whilst making a documentary about her illness. Ever since she was 12 she's always love one direction, especially Niall! Will fate bring them closer than jess had ever thought!?


3. As time goes by

I was in hospital for 2 weeks, with the doctors continuously checking my progress, and luckily I was getting stronger day by day! Everyday the boys came to see me whenever they could, more so niall more than any of the others, obviously he knew that I had a soft spot for him, but who wouldn't? As time went by, we got too know each other better, I knew lots about niall already, as I was a massive fan, but he grew on me more than he had done before. His charming little personality shone brighter everyday as he helped me get better. His shiny blue eyes that lit up every time he laughed. I didn't do the usual as too what everyone always asks about him, as I already knew those answers, but I didn't know him personally, which is something that I had the privilege of doing! Not many people can say that, and I'm so proud to say that I did! I studied at college before I went into hospital doing A level art and graphic design, and it was quite the struggle keeping up with the continuous work I had to do. I had taken everything with me before making the documentary as I knew we'd be a few months tops, but that meant I'd have to leave my family behind along with my friends. I'd been to London many times before, but never without anyone I knew! I felt so alone to begin with, but One Direction saved me from becoming the lonely little girl that noone wanted too know! But one day, it was a Tuesday to be exact, I was given the news that I could go home, but knowing that I still had the documentary too film, I couldn't go back to my hometown of Scunthorpe! I had nowhere to go, and I think that that was clear.
"You know, you can come and stay with me, jess!" Niall exclaimed. I just stared. What was I supposed too say? "I..I.i mean only if you want too, no pressure I just thought I'd be able too get to know you better, and you can still be here to do the filming!" "Hmmm...only if you're sure!?" I questioned. "Of course I am, you can come stay with me, all the lads would be well happy if you did, they all really like you, and I really wanna he to know you better!" Niall blushed bright red as he finished his sentence. I couldn't help but smile endlessly, he was so cute! Just the way if imagined him!
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