Liam Imagine

Liam Payne Imagine. Cute. Short. Great read. :) feedback please x
"(Y/N)" = your name


1. Surprise


You and Liam are driving. You have no idea where he is taking you because he said it was a surprise. You both finally arrive. You say "Liam, i don't need you to prove to me you love me." He replies with "I will always prove i love you, you are my life." You both smile and get out of the car. He locks the car and takes your hand, you walk side by side and he cuddles you. You get to the restaurant "Blu- Dine" You smile and turn to Liam and say "This is where we met." He notices the cute smile on your face and saids "I know" he winks at you and you both walk in. He saids to the lady "Reservation for Payne." The lady shows you where to sit and you both sit there and stare at each other. You giggle and he giggles. As he is looking at the menu you glance up and look at him and think to yourself 'he is perfect in everyway.' He orders and you head to the bathroom. As you head back to your table you smile at him, he gets off the chair and bends down to you, he saids "(Y/N) will you marry me?" You pull him up and say "Of course i will, i love you Liam Payne" You jump with excitement and he grabs you and twirls you around. You both share a passionate kiss, this is the best day of your life.

Feedback, please xx 

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