Rebellious Choices

When Bella is matched with her best friend Jacob, her family couldn't have been more pleased. But a mistake is made, and she rediscovers Edward, a kid she had long forgotten about in her classes. They become friends, and Bella decides that she might want to be with him more than her matchee. Can she break the match without starting an all out war?

FYI, this is the first story. I am working on a second story to begin where it ended.


9. Twisted

I didn't know why that made me so miserable. I had Jacob, yet I still wanted this other guy, who wasn't my Match? It might make more sense if my Match lived in a different part of the Society, but my Match was in all but one of my classes and I was miserable because one guy in one of my classes wouldn't talk to me. I knew, subconsciously, that I was being ridiculous, but it didn't matter. I had fallen for another guy, one I could never have, and fallen hard. It would take a lot to get out of this pit. I moped around, feeling twisted and torn inside. My friends looked at me in worry, what was going wrong in me. It became harder to get out of bed and go to school each morning, I just wanted to lie there in dreamless sleep for eternity, never having to waking to my living torture session of sixth-hour Bio. My feeling of dying inside my chest strengthened each week that we didn't talk, and it got so bad that one day, I just couldn't go to school. Renee had to literally drag me to school, and Angela and Jake had to pull me through classes. I absolutely refused to go to Bio, which was when the drama happened. Jess said that it was her turn to take me to class (they were taking turns) and I would not let go of the table. Jess gently pulled on my forearms, but I wouldn't budge. I gripped the ledge of the table, and Jess, after pulling for awhile, finally bested me and guided me away from the table. But my pant leg, still twisted under the table, got caught and ripped, scraping a large gash in my leg as well. Upon seeing my blood, I began to stagger, and fell. I smelled the metallic odor of my spilt blood and lost it, passing out.I was vaguely aware of two voices calling my name, both sounding so far away. Someone picked me up and I began to sway as they carried me. My eyes flew open in surprise, and I shrieked when seeing Edward's face above mine as he cradled me, acting as though I weighed nothing more than a teacup Yorkie  He glanced down at me and smiled upon seeing my reaction. "I decided that you needed some help. Maybe now you'll stop acting like a dying canary?" I struggled against him, sapping almost all of my remaining strength. "Edward, put me down! I can walk!" He eyed me levelly. "Can you? And I should believe you, who looks like a strangled ghost why?" he replied. "I can!" I insisted. He put me back on my feet and stood, back, making sure that I wouldn't fall again. Jess came running over. "Bella, Bella, what happened?" Edward smirked. "Bella seems incapable of glimpsing her own blood." I groaned. "It's not the sight, it's the smell that gets to me." He frowned, replying in a tone that seemed to chill my bones, "Normal people shouldn't be able to smell blood Bella. Are you sure your not hallucinating from blood loss?" I snapped. "I'm fine! Let me be!" Exasperated, I stormed past them, forgetting about my leg. I glared at the floor, accidentally looking at my leg. I felt dizzy again, and leaned against a wall to stay upright. Grinning, Edward was at my side again and guided me into the office. The secretaries looked up, startled, and gasped in horror at my gory looking leg. One grabbed a rag and bandage and began cleaning up my leg, while the other called Charlie and Renee to see if one of them could come pick me up. Jacob burst into the office and immediately rushed over to me, demanding the story. As I told them all and abbreviated version of the episode to them, Edward slipped out. I glanced at him meaningfully as he left, though the others didn't seem to notice. I hoped he got my message that I tried to get my eyes to say. 

Renee took me home early, and I entered my bedroom to relax and catch up on the rest of my missed work. I noticed a folded slip of paper on my desk. I opened it.

Bella, it read,

I'm sorry about the misery I caused you these past couple of weeks. I try to stay away from you, but I realized that this isn't going to be possible. Let's just put everything behind us and be friends, but nothing more.


And, I forgot till now, it wasn't too much of a problem today. Yes, I got the drift of what you tried to telepathically communicate. You're really bad at that kind of thing, you know.

I felt healed, with a weight off my chest. But one thing, I realized, was too late to be helped. I was unreasonably and illegally in love with Edward, a vampire.

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