Rebellious Choices

When Bella is matched with her best friend Jacob, her family couldn't have been more pleased. But a mistake is made, and she rediscovers Edward, a kid she had long forgotten about in her classes. They become friends, and Bella decides that she might want to be with him more than her matchee. Can she break the match without starting an all out war?

FYI, this is the first story. I am working on a second story to begin where it ended.


4. Mistaken

Renée and I dashed to the small port in the kitchen unit as soon as our door opened. I opened the silver box given to me and pulled out the paper given to me containing a code. It allowed me to "learn" about Jacob, though I wonder how many things I don't already know. I hestitate while entering the code just long enough for my mother to pat my shoulder and leave for her room. She understood and respected privacy, unlike the rest of the Society. I entered the code and leaned back in my chair as the projection screen opened and lit up. But it wasn't right. Instead of Jake's picture popping up, another face, this one belonging to another of my classmates, popped up. I frowned and double checked the code. It was the right one, but why? What was happening? I had never particularly noticed Edward Cullen, all I knew was that he was quiet, randomly appeared in our province a few years back, and that his only "friend" was Jacob. I had enough sense to power off the port and go up to bed. I would check with my Official tomorrow before classes and hopefully solve the problem.

The nightmares that night were awful. I dreamed of the wedding ceremony scenes with Jacob, but then a huge Edward with red glowing eyes came and trashed everything before eating Jacob alive and turning to face me with begging topaz eyes. The thing that bugged me most were the eyes; they were the same color as my dress. I awoke, screaming, thoroughly freaked out. Down the hall, I heard my mother bustling around, opening foil packets with our morning meals and setting them out on the table. I staggered out of bed, stumbled to the table, and forced myself to eat. The dream came back to me in seperate waves, washing all thoughts and feelings out of me. This was not good. As soon as I finished eating, I quickly pulled on my plain clothes and stumbled out the door. Not sure where to look first for my Official, I tripped to the city hall and entered. The receptionist behind the tall mahogany desk smiled warmly at me. "Ah, Miss Swan. Your Official will be out in a few seconds to talk to you. Don't worry, we are fixing the problem right away. Please take a seat." I sat on the gestured bench, gears turning in my brain. How did they know so quickly? Did something happen to someone else too? And why wasn't Jake here if I was expected by our Official?
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