Rebellious Choices

When Bella is matched with her best friend Jacob, her family couldn't have been more pleased. But a mistake is made, and she rediscovers Edward, a kid she had long forgotten about in her classes. They become friends, and Bella decides that she might want to be with him more than her matchee. Can she break the match without starting an all out war?

FYI, this is the first story. I am working on a second story to begin where it ended.


2. Matched

At last, after a seemingly endless day of waiting, the time had come. My mother ran into the house from work, her fair complexion glowing with excitement. Gasping for air, she stuttered out, "It's finally time. Go get dressed! Charlie will be here any minute to walk with us to the ceremony. " I dashed down he narrow hall and tried to turn too quickly into my room, clumsy me slamming my shoulder into the hard varnished wood of my door frame. Straightening up, I refused to let this derail my excitement. I crossed the small room in one bound and then slowly pulled the golden dress out of it's box. I carefully changed and neatly folded my plain clones into a pile at the foot of the bed. Glancing in the mirror, I quickly twisted my hair up, satisfied with the look. Taking care not to run into anything else, I walked back to the main room, into my waiting mother's arms. She was sobbing into my hair as she held me. "You look so beautiful tonight. I just can't believe that you are getting so old! Oh my, I'm so sorry Bella, I'm mussing up your hair." She stepped back, and before she could say anything else, there was a knock at the door. Renée and I both rushed to open the door, and in the doorway stood Charlie, my father. In a voice hoarser than usual, he said, "Well Bells, you're getting old. I can't believe that the day has arrived where we get to see your future groom. I hope it's someone living in a close by province.." His voice cracked and he stared at the ground for awhile, before my mother so intelligently said, "We should probably head over before we're late." We began walking, and at the corner of our street, we met with the Blacks, our old family friends. Jacob was my age, just a month younger than me, and we had been childhood friends, best friends actually. He pushed his father's wheelchair, and when they saw us rushing towards them, Jake stopped and waved, waiting for us. We caught up and continued on to the town hall, where the ceremony was to take place. As Billy, Jake's dad, and my parents casually conversed, Jacob smiled warmly at me and asked, "You nervous or something? You look paler than usual and you're bouncing up and down. Come on Bella, it won't be too bad. You look beautiful tonight, that dress is simply stunning on you, the topaz contrasts well actually on you. Most other girls would probably look washed out and lumpy in that. Any guy lucky enough to have you will fall in love the moment he sees you. " He smiled again at me while I stuttered, not quite sure how to respond. "W-w-well, uh-um thanks I guess. You-you look nice tonight too..." I finally managed to spit out. Jacob just laughed. "Loosen up, Bells! What's the worst thing that could happen, they call your name and you fall over? Not much can go wrong if the Society planned it. They don't leave and loose ends or ripped seams." And with that, we had reached the hall and as we entered, wished each other luck and split up to go to our respective seats. My parents (and step father) sat on either side of me at the long table, Charlie on my right and Renée and Phil on the left. I was too nervous to feel anything else, which makes me think that It was good that Renée was so excited, because she could make up for my lack there of. The food presented was magnificent, roast birds and steamed veggies, baked fruits and toasted breads. I was reluctant to eat at first, horrified at the thought of vomiting in front of my match, by Charlie and Renée both spooned and forked various samples of dishes onto my plate, tempting me to try eating. I caved, he food was just too extraordinary, too new to me. By the time that the desserts arrived, I was stuffed as the goose that lay on a platter a few feet down the table. I managed to sample a few dishes though, a forkful of the trifle, a spoonful of custard, a nibble of pie, and a bite of cake. As I leaned back in my chair, fully content, an Official walked to the stage and began speaking about the matching process. Each girl was called to stand in alphabetical order, and the boys would have to pay close attention. Being an "S", I would be closer to the end, so I was able to sit still for awhile, listening for Jake. He still hadn't been called when they got to the "S"'s, and Jacob became increasingly more perturbed looking. Finally, the name I had been patiently waiting for was called. "Isabella Swan, please rise." I stood, looking straight at the Official. I was to scared to look at Jake or my parents for reassurance. "Miss Swan, your Match is Jacob Black."

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