Rebellious Choices

When Bella is matched with her best friend Jacob, her family couldn't have been more pleased. But a mistake is made, and she rediscovers Edward, a kid she had long forgotten about in her classes. They become friends, and Bella decides that she might want to be with him more than her matchee. Can she break the match without starting an all out war?

FYI, this is the first story. I am working on a second story to begin where it ended.


1. Irregular Morning Antics

My mom creeped into my room, gently shaking me until I was awake. She whispered, "C'mon Bells, your dress arrived. Be careful though, Phil's still sleeping. We don't need him to be grouchy at the ceremony tonight." Together, we crept out to the main room, where the box containing the dress lay innocently on the floor. Trembling, I tore it open and lifted the dress out. Shimmering topaz waves of fabric cascaded over my lap. My mom and I both gasped. It was even more gorgeous than how I remembered it when I tried it on. I stood up, hugged it to my chest, and danced in circles around the small room. The skirt belled out around me, encasing my legs and tickling the backs of my knees. My mother laughed at my antics and I joined her, my hoarse giggle meshing with her musical chortle. The dress was so soft, smoother and prettier than anything that I had ever worn before. Our joyous little escape from reality only lasted a moment, however. We were interrupted by the arrival of the breakfast basket that was issued to us each day. My mother rose. "Well, I should probably wake up Phil now. Put that dress back in its box and in your bedroom and then come eat breakfast." And with that, she left me in the main room, alone with my thoughts. Who would I be matched to tonight? Would the match actually function? My mother's first match with Charlie didn't work out, the first match to fail in decades, but her second match with Phil seemed to be a lot smoother. I hoped that I wouldn't have to worry about trouble in my matching.

Oh, how wrong I was.
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