Rebellious Choices

When Bella is matched with her best friend Jacob, her family couldn't have been more pleased. But a mistake is made, and she rediscovers Edward, a kid she had long forgotten about in her classes. They become friends, and Bella decides that she might want to be with him more than her matchee. Can she break the match without starting an all out war?

FYI, this is the first story. I am working on a second story to begin where it ended.


6. Biology

I got to school and found my friends Angela and Jessica, who were waiting for me with Jacob. I sped up my pace, and crashed into a kid in my desperation to talk with my friends. I needed something new to think about, something to distract me from my crazy thoughts. I was afraid, too. I sit next to Edward in Biology, the one class that Jake's not in, because he has chemistry down the hall. I finally reached my friends, and Jessica immediately began chattering about my Match. I should've known that she would want to know, and that Jacob would've wanted me to tell my friend about it. He's somewhat noble about these things, but at the same time, just throwing me to the sharks. Shaking my head and shooting a glare at Jake, I told Jessica and Angela. Both broke into peals of laughter, though Angela's was slightly more reserved. Jake pulled me to his chest in a restraining hug, whispering, "I'm sorry. I just thought that you'd have more fun telling your friends. I can deal with them if you want.." Breaking free of his grip, I shrugged and turned to go to my locker. I made it about three yards before turning around and giggling, my face cracking into a lopsided grin. Jacob easily caught up and we continued in the general direction of our lockers. Lacing his fingers through mine, he looked down at me, continuing from were he left off. "I am sorry, you know. I forget that you're antisocial and shy about these sorts of things. Just let me know before hand next time you need me to talk for you." He snorted, and I looked up again. "I'm sorry I 'overreacted'. It was just kinda new and weird for me, my friends asking about something when the answer's standing right there." We reached his locker and I had to stop to for him to remember that his locker was right there. He kept walking, however. "Jake, you just walked by your locker...?" I asked, catching up. "I know, I was just trying to be noble and accompany you to your locker lest any others come and ask you about your match." He said, his tone not matching his expression. Laughing, he said, "C'mon Bells, we have the majority if the same classes together. We can walk with each other to our lockers." We stopped at my locker and I put my bag away, grabbing my scribe and miniport.

The day seemed to drag by. I couldn't focus in any of the learning hours, and lunch break was bad too, because Edward was there, staring at me from across the room. I tried to keep my head down and eyes on the thick wood-like material of the table, but they wouldn't stay down, popping up and glancing at him before I could direct them back down. I think most of my friends were oblivious to my change in attitudes, but Jacob certainly noticed, and was studying my expressions intently, trying to read my face. I tried to smile, but it turned into a grimace, and wincing in despair, I slammed my head onto the table where it stayed for the rest of break. The tone sounded, and Jacob and I walked, shoulders brushing, together to he science wing neither of us attempting to make conversation. He continued walking as I turned to open the biology room door, opening a door down the hall without so much as a backwards glance. Reluctantly, I entered the room and shuffled to my seat, afraid to look at Edward sitting next to me. He muttered hello, but seeing my reluctance to answer, cut off any further conversation abruptly. The tone sounded again, and our trainer walked in. Sixth-learning hour biology had begun, and I immediately regretted coming. I should've claimed sick or just had a fainting fit before, now here I was, sitting as far away from my secretly blood-sucking table mate as possible. I was sick with irrational fear; what if he went berserk and attacked me, what if he secretly sucked my blood through a somehow invisible tube, what if I simply vomited all over him. The trainer handed us strips of port paper with a scribe destination printed on them, and instructed us to work with our lab partners to complete the required work pages. Great. Now I had to talk with Edward. He turned towards me, smiling, as he opened the file on his scribe. I tried to be pleasant, but my fears were gripping me too tightly. He noticed my changed behavior. "Bella, what's up with you today. You seem.... tentative " I struggled within my mouth a way to respond without endangering him. "Sorry, I'm just still trying to used to this whole matching thing with Jake. I can't believe that he's my one, though, because we've been friends for so long. And kinks in the micro card system definitely aren't helping me right now. It's just so much to swallow, all at once." I had mentioned the micro card without endangering him if he didn't know about it, if he did know, then he would know that I had seen it. Either way, his expression didn't show anything. "I'm happy for you Bella, I'll bet that you and Jacob will be very prosperous together," he said after a silence. We finished the sheet in an awkward silence, one occasionally pointing something out to the other. When the tone finally sounded, I grabbed my books and dashed to the door, desperate to find some small amount of comfort in Jacob. I glanced back at Edward and his bizarre features, but he was already gone.

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