Lola Hiway

Lola Hiway is an average teenager or as you think she is a young spie.
When an artifact from the Egyptian mueseun is stolen
who is on the case?
well Lola is. If she finds the thief she will turn to the next level of spie. SUPER spie
Can Lola save this artifact?
and become a super spie?


1. The letter.............

It was a boring ,dull day for Lola.She was a spy she was meant to be on a case but the older spies had took all the missions leaving her with no mission with no mission she could not become super spy.Just then she saw something zooming towards her she quickly opened the window and caught it.It was a letter from HQ she opened it and read it.This is what it read


Dear Lola,

Come to HQ right away we have a mission for you that might make you a super spy

I will explain the details once you come ,

 we will get you the right sort of clothes for the mission and gadgets 

Come quickly

From Mr Wilkinson


Lola threw on some jeans and a t-shirt and jumped on to her bicycle. She loved how the wind whipped in her face but she had no time to love it. She cycled to a tree then slide down the roots to the HQ.


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