fallen angel

Smile is 17 years old and lives with her father. Her mother died of cancer a few years ago, that's when it started ... her father lost his job and started drinking. Now, he was always drunk. he began abusing her when she was 8, it was when her mother was admitted to hospital. Smile did not want anyone to know about it. what would they think of her? that she was worthless? they would beat her too? as if it matters. she's already been bullied at school. she used to be strong and think just smile! one night she takes courage to escape...


14. vacation house

Niall's P.O.V


she said she could not say ... who said she could not tell? I was getting worried. when she falls asleep on the couch, I went to her room and took out the box. Should I open it? I have to. I took a deep breath and lifted the lid. it was a picture of her there. She was quite small and there was pain in her eyes. I picked up the photo and looked at it. I turned on it. it was a message written in large letters that ... I read and when I was done, I was terrified. he knew she was here and saw her ... I looked around the room. He had set up cameras? in a corner of the room, I saw a black tiny camera. I walked up to it and took it down. I cut the electricity to it and watched the tape. He had everything from that interview, I told the world about her until I read the note. I bet that it was connected to a computer somewhere. shit. there must be more. I walked around the house and took down two cameras in every room. When I was finished, I went down and woke her and told her what I had done and that we would go to our vacation house so that he would know where we were. She was so happy for what I had done, but also disappointed that I had checked the box, though I did not get. As soon as we were told that we would go from the guys we went. they would come later, they would just pack.



Smile's P.O.V

He had read the note. he had picked down all cameras. He took me away from the house. I was soo happy that Niall existed! he was my greatest love. I loved him. We arrived at the house where we would stay and I just gaped. it was so big! when niall saw my facial expression, he began to laugh. I took out my cell phone and took a picture niall. He was so cute when he laughed. which happened often! we took our things and went inside. I began to think of a song that we had heard on the radio on the way into. I do not know why ... but I recognized it.  it was someone from the X Factor that hade sang it! I could not think of anyone ... I was interrupted from my thoughts when niall showed where we would sleep. we'd share a room and it was so big! we packed up our things and put a movie on TV that was in our room.

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