fallen angel

Smile is 17 years old and lives with her father. Her mother died of cancer a few years ago, that's when it started ... her father lost his job and started drinking. Now, he was always drunk. he began abusing her when she was 8, it was when her mother was admitted to hospital. Smile did not want anyone to know about it. what would they think of her? that she was worthless? they would beat her too? as if it matters. she's already been bullied at school. she used to be strong and think just smile! one night she takes courage to escape...


19. The plan ...

Niall's P.O.V


he kills her! She was coughing up blood and I'm pretty sure that she had fainted again.

"Stop! Stop it you're killing her!" I yelled to Ben.

"He stopped and walked up to me and bent down.

" no ... I had not thought of! "he said sarcastically.

" I do not understand. why would you kill your own daughter? "I aske

." do not concern you, "he hissed at me before he hit me., he went back and continued to kick Smile. then he grabbed her legs and pulled her against us and chained her again.

"I feel like being kind today." he said. kind? kind?, he was anything but kind!, he went and sat down on the couch again., I wiped the blood from her face., she was breathing but she was not awake., I took her in my arms and started singing Moments quietly in her ear.

"shut the door, turn the lights of, i wanna be with you i wanna feel you're love. i wanna lay beside you i can not hide this even though i try, heart beats harder time escapes me trembling hands tuch skin, it makes this hard girl, and a tear stream down my face. if we could only have this life for one more day, if we could only turn back time, you know i'll be you're life , you're voice, you're reason to be my love my heart is breathin' for this Moment in time i'll find the words to say before you leave me today. close the door, throw the key don't wanna be reminded don't wanna be seen, don't wanna be without you my judgement is clouded like tonight's sky. undsided voice is numb try to scream out my lungs but it makes this harder and a tear stream down my face."the others had sued in now too. She coughed and opened her eyes. She coughed again and now it came up more blood. Ben and his friends had fallen asleep.

"We need to get a plan." I said."We have to get out of here." 

"niall I do not think I can walk ..." She said I looked sadly at her.

"somebody has to go and fetch the police., I have an idea but you have to promise that whatever happens, you have to go on and play with." She said all nodded. she screamed as loud as she could. Ben looked up angry.

"Why are you yelling?" he said .

"I'm sorry I had a nightmare," she said.

"but you, I have thought of one thing .." she said

"what" Ben said

"why don't you let the guys go?"

"they will just call the police."

"but if you just let one of them go? "she said. what was she doing?"

which is so kind, so you should go with it. "she said.

" Okay who should go? "he said . I can not believe he went along with it.

"Who wants to go?" she asked., I did not want to leave her so I sat quietly. "Zayn must go" she said "okay. but if you go to the police, I will make sure that Smile gets a slow and painful death, "He said. Zayn froze.

" Umm okay "he said." We can say goodbye alone? "Asked Smile., He nodded and brought his friends and a beer and went up. As soon as he had closed the door began to Smile talk

"Zayn you have to go to the police," she said

"oh no you will die!" he said

"Zayn, if you have not noticed, I'm already dying! I cough up blood! You get to choose: just me or all of us, "she said, pointing around at us.

" But I do not want you to die! "He said,

" you have no choice, "she said then came into Ben. Zayn hugged us everyone and kissed Smile lightly on the cheek.

"now it's good! if you want to go from here, you do it now! You only have one chance! "said Ben. Zayn left the room.

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