fallen angel

Smile is 17 years old and lives with her father. Her mother died of cancer a few years ago, that's when it started ... her father lost his job and started drinking. Now, he was always drunk. he began abusing her when she was 8, it was when her mother was admitted to hospital. Smile did not want anyone to know about it. what would they think of her? that she was worthless? they would beat her too? as if it matters. she's already been bullied at school. she used to be strong and think just smile! one night she takes courage to escape...


15. it will rain

smile's P.O.V


I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes, I heard the clicking noise and laughter. I opened my eyes and saw harry and louis so and take pictures of  me and niall  interwoven in each other's arms. I looked up at him, he was so cute when he was asleep. i smiled. slowly he opened his eyes and when he saw me, he said

"good morning beautiful"

"Morning Nialler." I said back. We went down to the other and before harry and louis could take another photo I took the camera out of their hands and looked through the pictures. I laughed at how cute we looked. I deleted those pictures that were ugly and gave back the camera.

"Niall would you help me make a twitter account?" I asked.

"sure!" he said. we did my twitter and niall wrote a shoutout to me. it stood. 'follow my beautiful girlfriend @ smiley!' (A / N this is just a twitter name I came up now I do not know if it exists!), I already had over 1000 followers. it was much hate tweets but mostly nice.

"I'm bored" I said.

"We can play truth or dare! said harry

"Yes!" said everyone.

"Liam truth or dare?" asked Louis to liam.

"truth," he replied.

"Who was the last you kissed?"

"danielle." liam said. we played for a while with all the guys took dare. and I took the truth. we had fun.

"Truth or dare Smile?" asked Zayn. I had just chosen the truth so far.

"dare" I replied.

"You should sing your  favotit song" he said. humm it was not that hard. My favorite song was It will rain by Bruno Mars. I started singing:" If you ever leave me baby,

leave some morphine at my door.

'cause it will take a whole lot of madication

To realize what we us to have we dont have it anymore ... I sang the song without problem. I love to sing. When I was finished, looked all at me with big eyes.

"you sing really good!" niall said. "Why did not you say that you could sing?" 

"I do not know" I replied.

"You should look in to the x factor on monday" said Liam. I blushed,

"I'm not that good ..."

"No you're right ... You're much better!" niall said

''okay then''


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