fallen angel

Smile is 17 years old and lives with her father. Her mother died of cancer a few years ago, that's when it started ... her father lost his job and started drinking. Now, he was always drunk. he began abusing her when she was 8, it was when her mother was admitted to hospital. Smile did not want anyone to know about it. what would they think of her? that she was worthless? they would beat her too? as if it matters. she's already been bullied at school. she used to be strong and think just smile! one night she takes courage to escape...


9. Be Mine

Smile's P.O.V

I had told them ... What would they think of me now? What would they do? What would I do? They looked at me sadly. I went up and ran out of the room. I did not know where I could go so I ran out. I ran in 5 minutes and was in a kindergarten. I put myself on a swing. I needed to think. What if they think I am a freak? Niall may no longer want me to live there? I knew just what I was feeling. every time I look into his blue eyes melt I inwardly. There is no word for it. .. Lord God! No! I can't be in love with Niall Horan! He is a super star! He is featured in One Direction with the other guys. He is every girls dream! Why would he like me? I'm just a person who he found behind a dustbin ... I can just see the facts ... I am in love with Niall James Horan...



Niall´s P.O.V


She ran away. What would I do? I heard the door shut, so I put me up and ran after her. God she was beautiful! We had run for 5 minutes now and she ran behind a corner. When I arrived, she was gone. I ran a little more and rounded a corner and saw her sitting on a swing. I went up to her and sat me next to her. She looked with her beautiful eyes on me. She was so beautiful. I had never felt like this for anyone before. Every time we tuched, I felt million of butterflies in the stomach, no, i got the whole Zoo! I could not help it, much as I tried could not be ignored.

"why are you running away?", I asked.

"you have a perfect life. I do not want to destroy it "

" How can you think that you destroy it? "

"I live with you. you are famous! It will not take long before Ben finds out where I am and will to get me! "she started to cry. I took her in my arms and let her cry on my shoulder.

"we will protect you." I said to her. She looked into my eyes.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"you don't have to Thank me" she just sat there and looked into my eyes. I began to see a smile on her lips, not a fake smile, really.

"you are so beautiful when you smile," I said. It was true. She just looked into my eyes and made me get lost in them.



Smile´s P.O.V


He made me smile. a genuine smile. I just gazed into his eyes. he leant down to kiss me. We met halfway. I felt Fireworks and butterflies all over my body. I felt he smiled into the kiss. I did already. We leant back.

"I know we've only known each other a short while ... but I feel great when you are in the vicinity. would you be my girlfriend? " I was so happy! I just smiled like an idiot. then I came on that I have to respond.

"of course I would!"

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