fallen angel

Smile is 17 years old and lives with her father. Her mother died of cancer a few years ago, that's when it started ... her father lost his job and started drinking. Now, he was always drunk. he began abusing her when she was 8, it was when her mother was admitted to hospital. Smile did not want anyone to know about it. what would they think of her? that she was worthless? they would beat her too? as if it matters. she's already been bullied at school. she used to be strong and think just smile! one night she takes courage to escape...


31. a kiss

Smile's POV


I can not believe how far I have gone! I'm the last one left in my katregori! Next week is the finale! my mobile rang. it was Simon so I responded.

"Hey smile!" he said.

"Hey!" I replied. I saw the cameras that followed us around.

"This week, you can sing with a person from a band., we have determined which of members in the band it should be. you will not like it, but that's the way we've decided." he said. I looked at him questioningly. which band was it?

"the band I'm talking about is One Direction" he said. my smile disappeared.

"You and Niall will sing Just give me a reason by P! nk." I froze in my body when I heard his name. we had to sing that song? My face showed no emotion, I just asked when we would repitera.

"today at 3" he replied. I mumbled an okay and checked his watch. 2 hours left.

"see you then" I said and hung up. I excused myself quickly to the cameras and rushed me to the toilet. I ran into. there stood Ella. she is in a band.

"You look like you've seen a ghost," she told me. I ignored her coment and locked myself in one of the booths. I sat on the toilet lid shut. I inhale deeply and felt the tears began to burn. memories of niall came to me like a slap in the face. how he found me behind the garbage can, how he took me tillxsjukhuset and offered me to stay with him. our first kiss. my mobile beeped. Eleanor had smsat me.

"I heard that you should sing with niall! hope you make it! the guys are still really mad at him, he still takes home girls every night and presents for them. everyone is angry at him. you will do well! concentrate you only at work! xxxx "

I sighed and let a tear fall. I sat there and just thought. on all memories. that when niall went around the house and took down all the cameras that Ben had set up, or when he took me to your date, and promised to love me Time. I felt more tears fall and I quickly wiped them away. I walked out of the stall and looked in the mirror. I cleaned up a bit and started going to rehearsals.


Zayn's POV


I can not understand how Niall can do this to her.

"niall we must go!" shouted Liam. out Nialls room, he came after him and a blonde. I sighing. Again? Time is a new girl. each night. they came down and Niall whispered something in her ear. she started crying and ran out.

"Niall you must stop!" I said angrily. He did not answer but just walked past me. I sighed again. we got in the car and started to go to rehearsals. Harry, Louis and Liam took a car so I went with niall.

"do not you get that she may know what you're doing?" I asked after a long moment of silence. I looked at him. he had sad eyes. I saw how they were filled with tears. He ran to the edge and began to cry.

"It's just that I miss her so, so much" he snobbed.

"She hates me, she'll never want me back Zayn!" he said.

"niall!  You did not kiss demi" I said.

"but I did not pull away Zayn: I was going to surprise her with a trip just for us two! I was going to take her to Paris and propose to her!" His voice cracked and he began snobb again. he wanted her to marry him?

"But Niall, that's no excuse to take the hen new girls every night just because you feel lonely," I said. 

"I kiss all those girls but none of them is like kissing her Zayn! none! I can not stop thinking about her! I can not stop thinking of her yellow deep eyes people are always lit up when I walked into the room," he said .

"But be sure to sharpen up and get her back then!" I said angrily. He nodded and wiped away her tears. He took a deep breath before he continued to run again.

Liams POV

we arrived at the rehearsal on time. Slime sat on the edge of the stage. She smiled as we entered.

"Hi guys!" she said, and came up and hugged us.

"We missed you Smile!" I said. She smiled a little.

"Where is Niall and Zayn?" she asked, looking down at the ground.

"they will soon come" Harry said. hono nodded a little.

"So how have you been?" she asked.

"pretty good but ..." I started to say but stopped myself.

"But what?" she asked. I got a look of harry who told me to keep quiet. luckily came Zayn and Niall in that moment.

"zayn!" she said, and hugged him, then she saw niall. Her gaze fell to the ground.

" niall "she said., he did not answer, I could see that was about to start crying., he opened his mouth but was interrupted by Simon .

"Hey guys! You know Smile! "We nodded and said hello.

" shall we start? "He asked an claped his hands together.

Niall and Smile each took a microphone and went up on stage. smile began to sing his part.
"Right from the start
You were a thief
You stole my heart
And In your willing victim
I'll let you see the parts of me
That were not all that pretty
And with every touch you fixed them

Now you've been talking in your sleep oh oh
Things you never say to me oh oh
Tell me That you've had enough
Of our love, our love"

they sang the chorus together. then came niall's solo running.
I'm sorry I do not understand
Where all of this is coming from
I thought That we were fine
(Oh we had everything)
Your head is running wild again
My dear we still have everythin '
And it's all in your mind
(Yeah but this is happenin ')

You've been havin 'real bad dreams oh oh
You used to lie so close to me oh oh
There's nothing more than empty sheets
Between our love, our love
Oh our love, our love


I felt the thrill of the stage when they sang. both looked like thay would start to cry through the whole number. "It's all for today!" said Simon. smile jumped down from the stage, she said goodbye and left. Niall went after her.

Niall's POV.

when we were done I was on the edge of crying. I must get her to back ! She left the scene and went. I hurried after her.

"smile!" I cried. she stayed. I walked up to her.

"niall" she said without looking into my eyes.

"smile look at me," I whispered and pushed up her chin with my finger. she looked still not on me.

"smile looking at me," I said again. her gorgeous yellow eyes met mine.

"I'm asking sooo much sorry that I pulled away when Demi kissed me, I was just caught in the moment.  if there is something I can change so it would be to not pull away, please let my prove how much I love you," I said to her, I meant it. I really loved her.

"Niall, I do not know., I can not trust you, but I accept your apology." she said. I felt my tears roll down my cheeks.

"Smile, please give me a chance, let me prove to you that you can trust me, I'm yours forever", 

"Niall ..."

"please" I said and raised her hands in mine. Her eyes were filled with tears that would soon spill over the edge.

"Please darling"

"but niall all the girls that you have vert with when I left you ..." she whispered.

"I do not care about them. I tried so much to get over you., I realized that I can not., I love you too much," I said. I saw her lips moving but did not hear what she said.

"What did you say?" I asked.

"I love you with Niall" she said higher. "

"but I can not trust you ..." I interrupted her by kissing her. Her lips were so soft. I felt that I lacked for so long. a spark. Her hands took a hold of my neck. I rested my hands on her hips. I could hear laughing when a door was opened. it was these guys. they became suddenly silent. I ignored them. smile bit light in my lower lip and I put out my tongue in her mouth. we continued to make out. I pulled away after a while.

"do this means that you give me a chance?" I asked. She nodded a little. I kissed her again, with only love and passion.

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