love bites

16 year old Primavera has lived in the ' epiphany orphanage for girls' for what feels like her whole life. when she starts hearing voices in the night, she begins to wonder whether if shes competely crazy or there really is something calling her name in the darkness! when she is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger, will find out the secret of her family?
join me in this story of vampires, romace and royalty....


1. the orphanage

( a/n i hope you like this! its unedited so beware! comment for more! <3 -love camila)

chapter 1

i opened my eyes to the sight off the orphanages damp incrusted ceiling. i tugged the blanket tighter around me, i felt cold, i always felt cold. i swung my legs off the bed until i felt icy ground under my bare feet. i glanced at my old disney alarm clock, 2:54 . i peeked at my roommates. Clarissa was sound asleep, her black curls spread out against her pillow case framing her innocent face. Jemima was much the same, her position almost mirroring her twin's. sleeping roommates, check! i slipped on my boots, tucking my tweety bird pyjama bottoms carefully unto the leather. i grabbed my coat sneaking a glance out of the cracked window, the night called to me somehow. the darkness comforted me like a thick quilt, the stars made me feel safe like a million eyes watched over me keeping me safe. i tip toed across the wooden floorboards expertly skipping over the creaky board as i did almost every night, or morning should i say. i twisted the doorknob, sighing as the knob came off in my hand i screwed it back on silently. it was true, the epiphany orphanage for girls was slowly but surely falling apart.

i ran my hand down the bannister as i danced gracefully down the 3 flights of stairs to the back door. i stroked the backdoor reaching down my jacket to wrap my fingers around the skeleton key dangling on a chain around my neck. i twisted the key, wincing as the wind whipped against my skin. my auburn hair flew in wild curls around my face, the ends smacking lightly against the small of my back. i walked inti the back garden, the gardens are one of the best parts of the orphanage- 3 acres of groomed land and glittering ponds. i sighed in relief as the light of the moon decided to come out to say 'hello' . it was full and beautiful, a perfect ivory orb of light illuminating the once dull blackness of the night. they all thought i was strange, sometimes i agreed with them. i walked around the pond, scuffing a booted toe across the withering grass. i studied my reflection in the perfectly still water. the first thing i noted was my hair, crazy ringlets the colour of fire reaching down to the top of my bottom. i twisted a strand around my finger, admiring the deep red shade of the ringlet cradled in my palm. the next thing i noticed was my eyes, they were a strange shade of silvery blue. the light reflected from my irises, casting a glittering glow onto my cheekbones. my skin was a creamy porcelain colour, almost the colour of milk. i always looked sick! my eyes looked hollow and my limbs were thin and pointy.

i think maybe i am sick, like mentally sick! i heard voices in the night, since the night i turned 16 i would hear something calling to me from the darkness. a smooth voice tempting me toward the dark. therapist after therapist, phycologist after phycologist. nothing stopped the voice. every night it would talk to me, comforting me, telling me its okay to be me. after time i grew attached to the voice inside my head. maybe i was crazy after all but what i don't even care anymore. there it is again...
" primavera, come" the voice whispered inside my head, the syllables curled menacingly around my full name.
i walked further into the small dense area of forest to my left, something deep inside me warned me not to go. i ignored the pulling sensation in my stomach and carried on deeper into the trees....
movement caught my eye. i spun on my heel facing the noise which had alarmed me.
its probably a fox prim , or a bird. i thought to myself, my heart pounding against my ribs. this was a bad idea, i could see it now as something came out of the shadows.
i screamed as large arms enveloped my tiny frame. one of the arms released my waist only to press against my mouth so tightly it almost hurt against my lips. i was going to die, i thought as a cloth was pressed against my nose and mouth. it smelt of chemicals and sweat. the bastard was drugging me! black spots covered my vision as i struggled. my legs felt weaker as i kicked feebly against my attacker.
" stop struggling primmie" the all too familiar voice hissed my nickname into my ear. i was pretty sure it was a man. i followed his orders, relaxing against the mans large chest. there was no point in fighting, i knew i would lose. everything went black
i woke up. my head felt like a hippo had done an irish jig inside my brain. i sat up, wincing as my ribs protested. i should be scared but for some weird reason im not. where was i? oh yeah, a stranger kidnapped me in the middle of the night! i realised i wasn't alone. a woman was crouched in front off me. her gaze was unexpectedly kind. her own strangely familiar fiery curls brushed my leg as she leaned over to cradle my cheek in my hand.
i clutched onto my mothers icy leg with my tiny toddler fingers. i was crying. we were stood in front of a huge building, 'Epiphany orphanage for girls' was etched in gold letter above the massive door. everything seemed big compared to me. my mother pried my fingers from her skin and hitched my small two year old body to her hip. her red ringlets were piled on top of her head in a messy ponytail. she kissed my cheeks, my forehead, my eyelids. she was crying, tears falling down her ivory cheeks. she whispered a lullaby into my ear as she rocked me. she set my tiny frame down on the steps, tucking my coat tighter around me, fluffing my own ginger hair in her long fingers. then suddenly she was gone in a blink of an eye, she had raced unnaturally fast away leaving me on the door step of the orphanage.
flashback over

i looked into the charcoal black eyes of the woman crouched in front of me. how had she left the orphanage so fast?i stared at the woman who was, who was my...mother! without thinking i launched myself at her, clinging onto the front of her shirt with locked fingers. she stroked my hair as i looked at her face, really looked. i don't know what I expected my mother to look like but i didn't expect the face of the lady ahead of me. i expected a middle aged woman with short curls and laugh lines. the stranger in front of me was nothing like that. she was young, weirdly young! she didn't look much older than my 16 years. how could she be my mother so young?
" youre confused" my mother whispered, it wasnt a question. " sleep, then your answers will be answered." i didnt know what to say to that. so i followed her orders, looking around me for the first time. i was in a room, a tiny concrete space only embellished with a thin mattress in the corner. i laid my heavy head on the feather pillow and let sleep take me.

i watched through a child's eyes. my eyes. i was in a forest, i watched as my mother strode ahead of me. her posture was feline, like a predator stalking its prey. with a graceful leap, she captured the deer ahead of her. straddling the deers body, she pressed her lips to the pulsing spot on the animals neck. i didn't know what she was doing. my mother smiled at me with pointed canines. i smiled automatically back. her pink lips were tinted red with blood. i knew what she was.....vampire.
dream over
i woke up screaming, the sheets were tangled around my legs making an unescapable prison of fabric. it wasn't real, just a dream. i repeated it in my head over and over almost willing it to be true. but some part of me deep inside knew that it was. i was still screaming, my throat burning. the door smashed open, slamming loudly into the wall. i curled myself into a ball rocking back and forth.
" vampires aren't real, vampires aren't real, vampires aren't real" i whispered into my knees, squeezing my eyes shut.
" y'know no matter how many times you say that it still wont make it true." an all too familiar voice sneered the words. it was the voice. the voice inside my head, it was real? i glared at the owner of the voice. my mouth hung open. it was a boy, a beautiful boy! ebony waves obscured the porcelain of his forehead. the violet of his eyes bore into mine. amethyst into sapphire.
"hey." it was all he said but it was enough to make my stomach flip.
i brushed through my hair with my fingers, wincing slightly as my finger tips met a tangle. the boy moved with unnatural speed to grab a brush. he handed it to me, i tried to pretend i wasn't internally freaked out beyond belief, stupidly i hiccuped. i took the brush hesitantly and laid it across my lap.
" your fast! y'know compared to you I'm like a slug. but hopefully I'm not slimy and i have legs and all! but snails are cooler!."
oh no, i was babbling, kill me now.
" snails are really like and advanced version of slugs, kinda like snails gone bad. it would be cool to be a snail, like having a caravan in your back!"
he looked at me his eyebrows raised, i smiled weakly at the boy.
" my name is Luca" thats it, thats all he said. it was enough..

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