love bites

16 year old Primavera has lived in the ' epiphany orphanage for girls' for what feels like her whole life. when she starts hearing voices in the night, she begins to wonder whether if shes competely crazy or there really is something calling her name in the darkness! when she is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger, will find out the secret of her family?
join me in this story of vampires, romace and royalty....


2. Luca


Hmm…Luca. I like that name, it seems mysterious perhaps? My brain seemed to have turned to mush under his gaze. I shifted uncomfortably feeling his stare on my face.

“Luuuuucaaaaa.” I whispered under my breath, elongating the syllables on my tongue.  I enjoyed the thrill his name sent through my body. He sat down next to me, my body tensed as his clothed thigh brushed against my bare one. The casual contact sent electric shocks travelling from my leg up my body to my heart, where it pounded erratically against my ribcage like it was trying to escape my body through my bones.  His lips twitched at one corner as I stared into his strange purple eyes.

“You done? Take a picture it will last longer” he smiled fully now, stifling a cocky laugh at my gobsmacked expression. His teeth were perfectly even and a beautiful shade of white. I narrowed my eyes. Shouldn’t he have fangs or something? That question wasn’t important right now, the real question was why on earth aren’t I scared? It felt like I’d known him all along, but that was impossible...I think!

Luca?” I asked, his name burnt my tongue on the way out. I wondered if this was real, if everything happening around me was nothing more than a very convincing nightmare brought on by damp fumes from the orphanage! Who was I kidding, my imagination wasn’t that creative. I shifted on the thin mattress until we weren’t touching, resting my back against the stone wall of wherever the hell I am.

“yeah?” he replied, raising his eyebrows a quarter of an inch

“ Am I crazy?” I decided to just be blunt about it, no point in dawdling around the matter at hand.  Some small part of me hoped fervently that I was indeed crazy, that would possibly be better then the situation I’m in right now. Madness,at least could be cured by pills or needles or something! Sadly reality couldn’t. everything was tumbling down on top of me, a load of information pressing me down, suffocating my already full brain. For one, during my time at the orphanage id convinced myself that my mother was dead, why else wouldn’t she visit? 16 years I’d believed that and now she comes striding in like no time had passed whatsoever and claims that she is a vampire, a fictional creature?

“no Primmie, sadly for you, you aren’t crazy.” He smirked that smirk, the smirk that was both mockingly condescending and beautifully stunning at the same time.

“ so, you’re a vampire? But vampires don’t exist!” i felt like crying for some unknown reason possibly because I was hallucinating this whole ordeal and would wake up safe and sound in my bed. 

yeah prim keep trying to convince yourself 

He moved closer to me, close enough that I could feel his icy breath tickling the skin on my neck. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears, I looked down at my nails pretending to examine the chipped ebony polish on my fingers. He moved closer still until his lips brushed my neck, I stopped breathing momentarily at the feeling of his mouth against my skin. His lips parted slightly and something thin and dangerously sharp was pricking against my neck. Was he going to bite me?

“believe me now Primavera?” he asked, lips still against my neck.  my stomach did stupid little flips as he said my name which is utterly ridiculous. But I did believe him now. His hair looked so shiny, I wanted badly to run my fingers through the strands, to see if it was as soft as it looked. He moved away again, standing up from the bed. He planted a quick kiss on my forehead. I was surprised at this gesture, I didn’t know this boy yet he acted like he’d known me my entire life. He left the room.

The silence was deafening, I waited for a voice, a sound, a sign, anything. But there was nothing just pure nothing. The silence rang in my ears; I could hear nothing but my own ragged breaths and the resilient pounding of my heart against my bones. I could feel my blood pounding with the rhythm of my heart, it throbbed in my fingers and toes, pooling scarlet in my cheeks. I closed my eyes, leaning back against the pillow trying to imagine that I was safe at home.

 My eyelids fluttered open after a while. The thing that’s crap about lying, is that no matter how much you try to lie to yourself it never works. I pulled the itchy blanket up to my chin trying to keep warm. The hair stands up on my arms alerting me to the presence of another. I looked up meeting the coal black gaze of my mother. she sat next to me cradling my head in her lap. I felt like I trusted her, it didn’t matter that she had left me, she was here now. I hadn’t yet realized how tired I was until my eyelids closed on their own accord, and darkness covered my vision for another night/

a/n yeah I know its short im so sorry but never mind! I have great plans for this story, many many plans :) - lurrrve camila xx

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