love bites

16 year old Primavera has lived in the ' epiphany orphanage for girls' for what feels like her whole life. when she starts hearing voices in the night, she begins to wonder whether if shes competely crazy or there really is something calling her name in the darkness! when she is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger, will find out the secret of her family?
join me in this story of vampires, romace and royalty....


3. bathroom

chapter 3

cool air bit at my cheeks as i huddled myself into a ball, pulling the blanket over my head to keep the cold out. i struggled to open my half closed eyes, heavy from lack of sleep. i felt something smooth and icy touch my skin, i jumped. my mother looked down at me with a reproachful gaze in her onyx coloured eyes.
" we're leaving!" she said with a smile to rival Aphrodite. my stomach grumbled loudly, an ominous rumble deep inside my belly. i hadn't realised in the heat of the moment that i hadn't eaten or used the bathroom in the time that i was here!
i counted back trying to count the sleep to measure how long id spent here.
2 days.
i pulled my old pyjama top away from body, lets just say it didn't smell like rainbows and flowers. i crossed my legs, trying to push back the urge to use the bathroom. my bladder felt like it was about explode. surely vampires used the bathroom? i squirmed noticeably, smiling weakly at my mother.
" oh!" my mother suddenly looked apologetic " you must need the bathroom, and food for that matter!"

she slipped a hand around my elbow and pulled my gently to my feet. my legs buckled beneath me, my knees wobbling precariously under my weight. cold fingers steadied me carefully. i hadn't realised we were moving until my fingertips brushed the wooden frame of the door. the door opened, revealing a long windowless corridor.

my mother flicked lights on as we passed. i skimmed my fingers along the wall, enjoying the feeling of stretching my dormant muscles. we reached a door embellished with a gold knob. I pushed it open hesitantly. my mouth hung open slightly. behind the door was a magnificent bathroom, contrasting against the tiny, plain room in which i was stationed. the tiles were smooth and strikingly similar to the colour of my eyes, a perfect shade of silvery blue. i walked over to the tub, stroking the white marble gently as if i was afraid it would break under my touch. a hand on my shoulder pulled me out of my reverie of bubble baths and clean clothes.
" ill leave you to it, ill send Mandy for some appropriate clothing and you get cleaned up. we had much to discuss when we leave."
" Mandy?"
" your maid!" she replied with a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders. her usually upbeat expression faltered slightly, showing a ombre expression under the smiles. i said nothing. i pulled the tweety bird pyjamas off my body and stepped into the power shower.

the water cascaded down my back in a perfect, uninterrupted stream of wonderfulness . the heat relaxed my tense muscles and washed away any evidence of the forest. i rubbed my curls with the shampoo, lathering the green apple bubbles on top of my head. i stepped out, after 20 minutes of pure pleasure, shivering against the sudden coldness. i noticed a pile of perfectly folded clothes neatly stacked on top of the counters.

they seemed exquisitely formal and expensive, considering i was practically kidnapped i expected something more simple! i studied the lavender gown, tracing the gold embroidery with my fingertip. the dress was beautiful! i slipped it over my head, marvelling at the feeling of silk over my skin.

a knock on the door alerted me to the fact that i had been standing here, gobsmacked at this dress for god knows how long. the door opened to reveal a kindly looking woman. she was probably in her mid thirties with greying dark hair pulled back in a bun. this was probably Mandy, i guessed. i noticed the pink edging along the cheekbones of the woman, she was human? did she know? she tutted at the state of my hair, damp and knotted down my back. she said nothing just moved gracefully around to fiddle with my auburn tresses, and brush my face with powders.

after she was done pinning, plucking, and all that id never bothered with before, i looked reluctantly in the gilded mirror ahead. i was greeted by a lady, not a teenager but a lady! with red curls piled on top of her head in a gravity defying up-do, subtle curls framing her porcelain white face. her eyes almost pure silver in the bright light and framed by thick black lashes. her body clothed in the finest of gowns, showing off her every curve. she looked like a princess. that lady was ME! it didn't look like me, if you looked carefully you could see the faintest trace of fear behind my eyes, the bruise like shadows devouring the powder white skin beneath them.

Mandy tugged impatiently on my hand, gesturing for me to hurry up. i slipped my feet into the silver shoes which matched my eyes, ignoring the protests of the skin by my heels promising me blisters. i teetered precariously on the heels, praying silently that i didn't fall just this once. i stepped out of the door back into the the windowless corridor. i hadn't seen the door, how had i not seen it? it was huge, thick wood and ornately carved into designs which bested Michelangelo. my hands shook a little at my side, i clenched them into fists.

i turned, expecting the kind face of Mandy. instead i was met by the violet eyes of a certain someone. a certain someone who made my heart pound and my stomach flip. here we go again....

a/ n,if you read this far i actually LOVE you! next update coming ASAP! hope you enjoyed, im not too happy about this chapter hmm... but comment or like, well if you want that is! :) ~ love camila xxx
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