Imagines that you could only dream of.*one direction*

Heey guys,
this is my first story so if you want an imagine just comment your name,hair colour,eye colour,long/short and wich boy if you have a scene in mind just commend. Once in a week i'm gonna do a dirty one.
I will try to do them all!
xxx Julia


8. Simmy and Niall


Your P.O.V.

it's already midnight and niall still isn't home you are worried sick.

you are just about to call him when the door opens and a drunk niall walks in.

''Niall babe wher were you?? I was so worried about you!" you say.

''I was at a club with the boys' 'He slurred.

''Niall babe how much drinks did you have?" You ask.

''WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?!!! WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE?!!" he suddenly screams very angry.

"I CARE ABOUT YOU AND IT JUST WANT TO HELP YOU!" you scream back with tears in your eyes.

''JUST CUT THE CRAP I KNOW YOU DON'T REALLY LOVE ME!!!" he screams even more angry.

"what are you talking about Nialler? i love you with all my heart!"you say while the tears stream down your face.

Niall sees it and rushes by your side"Simmy love i'm so sorry, i don't know why i just said that and i didn't meant it babe i'm so sorry'' you can see that he means it.

"It's okeey Nialler" you say.

Niall pulls you gently in his arms and cuddles with you.

he softly sings little things in your ear and when you fall asleep you hear him whisper"i love you simmy"



heej lovelies i hope you liked it simmy and sorry it's so short! i'll try to update A.S.A.P



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