Imagines that you could only dream of.*one direction*

Heey guys,
this is my first story so if you want an imagine just comment your name,hair colour,eye colour,long/short and wich boy if you have a scene in mind just commend. Once in a week i'm gonna do a dirty one.
I will try to do them all!
xxx Julia


5. my teacher mister louis the tommo tomlinson.(Louis and y/n).

Louis P.O.V.
i arrived at my girlfriends house we are going to the beach today and i promised her to give her some surf lessons. i walked up the steps towards her front door.
i knocked on the door and a minute later y/n opened the door.
she smiled really big as soon as she saw my face:"BOOBEARR!!"she yelled and then she hugged me. "Heey babe! ready to go?"I asked. "Hell Yeahh"you screedced excited as you ran towards louis's car. Louis laughed and followed you he opend the door for you like a real gentlemen.
you got in the car and fastened you seatbelt. Louis sat next to you.

#skip car ride

Y/N P.O.V.
as soon as louis parked the car i jumped out. louis and I walked to a small shop where we got oor surfsuits and surfboards. Louis and I both got changed in a small toilet on the beach.
when we were both done we walked towards the ocean together the both of us were holding eachothers hands and surfboards in the other hand. as soon as we reached the costline we put our boards down on the sand. "okeey y/n so it's very important to not panick when you fall off you board!"Louis said while looking at you. "Okeey so let's do this poo!!"I said. Louis grabbed one of the surfboards and walked into the ocean i slowly followed him.
"Okeey y/n grab my shoulders and try to stand on the surfboard"Louis said.
I did as he said and i stood on the surfboard but then there was a big wave and the board started to move and i fell but luckily louis catched me.

#You guys were on the beach for a long time it was getting dark.

Louis P.O.V.
"Woow look the sun goes down it's so beautiful!"louis said.
"Yes but not as beautiful as you!"i said and then we kissed.

#this was the best date ever!

heey guys please tell me what you think!
xxx J.
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