Imagines that you could only dream of.*one direction*

Heey guys,
this is my first story so if you want an imagine just comment your name,hair colour,eye colour,long/short and wich boy if you have a scene in mind just commend. Once in a week i'm gonna do a dirty one.
I will try to do them all!
xxx Julia


2. my first date.(Liam and y/n)

your P.O.V: I was getting ready for my first date with the love of my live Liam Payne.
I just took a shower and than I went to my closet and grabbed my thigh length baby pink dress
end my white flats end put it on then I blow dried my hair and applied a smal amount of make-
up after i was done i heard a knock on the door i opend the door and there was liam standing in a suit. "heey love you look beautiful!"he said. "uhm...thank you"you said back while blushing.
"are you ready to go love?" he askes. "yeah sure! where are we going actually?"you asked because you were really curious.
"you will see love don't worry you'll like it!"
with that we got in his car he blindfolded you so you couldn't see where you were going.

after a short car drive liam parked the car somewhere.
He rushed to your side of the car and opened the door you smelled the sweet scent of flowers.
He helped you to get out of the car and removed the blindfold.
You saw a small blanket and it was placed in a field with grass and beautiful pink flowers.
You sat down on the blanket with liam next to you.
He grabbed the basked that was standing next to him and got a chocolate cake out.
He knew you loved chocolate so he baked you a chocolate cake.
You ate a piece of cake and you crawled in liams arms you cuddled together.
You watched the stars. He kissed your head and wispered:"y/n i love you will you be my girlfriend?
"aawh I love you to liam and yes i would love to be your girlfriend!

*and that was the start of your beautiful relation*

*A.N. i hope you guys liked it if you want me to write you one please leave a comment with your name,hair colour,eye colour and the boy or boys you want it to be with
lot of love xxx J.*
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