Imagines that you could only dream of.*one direction*

Heey guys,
this is my first story so if you want an imagine just comment your name,hair colour,eye colour,long/short and wich boy if you have a scene in mind just commend. Once in a week i'm gonna do a dirty one.
I will try to do them all!
xxx Julia


10. Kayla and Niall.

a/n:i kind of have a writers block so i just came up with this one i hope it's okay.

Your P.O.V:

You wake up to your kitten licking your face. you smiled as you showered and got dressed in a beautiful knee length dress. Today was the day that Niall was comming home.You've missed him loads. You quikly had some breakfast as you drove to the airport. Outside the airport there were tons of directioners screaming the boys names as soon as they saw you the started to scream:Nayla!!!!. You smiled and walked past security. The boys plane had just landed and you were waiting for the boys. Than you saw them all walking,talking and smiling.You saw niall and screamed:NIALL!!!! you ran towards him jumping in his arms with you legs around his waist you hugged him and whispered:I missed you so much!


Nialls P.O.V.:

Me and the boys walked into the arrival room and then i saw her my beautiful girlfriend Kayla she ran towards me as i dropped my suitcase. She jumped in my arms and hugged me as i helt her close. I heard her wispher:I missed you so much. I looked her in the eye and noticed that she was just the same like before a beautiful girl well actually my beautiful girl. I looked her in the eye and kissed her passionately. She kissed me back and i felt Sparks and love. after that we went home and had a movie night together. just before she fell asleep in my arms i whispered:I love you Kayla.


Your P.O.V.:

I was almost asleep when i heard niall whisper: I love you Kayla. Than i fell asleep.


A/N: hii i'm sorry it took so long! i hope you like it Kayla.


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