Jackie Lee


1. Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee was not a rich person when he first stepped to Malaysia .In fact, he did not even belong to Malaysia citizen .He was born in Beijing somewhere in 1941. In the early 1941,Jackie Lee set to leave Beijing and traveled to Malaysia to find a job to help his family.

He came to Malaysia as an illegal immigrant. He had to travel 3 months to get to Malaysia. He came to Malaysia by boat with some other illigel immigrants. There were a few immigrants who fell sick and died while on their way to Malaysia. When they almost reached Malaysia the Malaysian authority csught them and had them investigated. Jackie was then let free from the Malaysia authority.

After being released Jackie had a few problems. He did not have money,proper shelter,a job and the worst problem was not be able to speak any single malay word.Jackie then decided to find a job. For an illegal young immigrant like him who does know any malay word finding a job is like finding a needle in a hay stack. But,Jackie's determination pushed him to find one for survival.

As the days passed,Jackie was still jobless. He could not find a job because of the difficulties to communicate.Jackie almost gave up as he was too hungry and tired. But,Jackie uncertain turned the other way around when the old Chinese man took him to work at his shoes factory.Jackie was thankful to the old man and worked hard.Jackie was paid RM 100 per month.

Because of his hard work the owner of the shoe factory decided to promote him to a better position. He worked as a manager of the shoe factory. Year after year,Jackie was promoted. Because of his hard work and potential,Jackie was choosen to become one of the shoe factory board of director.

Now,Jackie do not work with the shoe factory any more.He already has now become the most richest man in Malaysia.He is also a very influence man.Almost thirty percent of the Kuala Lumpur residence waork with him now.He has a lot of business branches around the world.

Even thought he is rich now,Jackie has never be stingy.He always donated money for charity and orphanage across Malaysia.Some witness saw him breaking down tears when handing out money.People say that he was sad because he remember about his difficult life back in the past.

Unlike other rich man,Jackie spends most of his time doing community work.He also become a school charity chariman in one of a famous school in Kuala Lumpur.Jackie has now settle with his family in Malaysia.He had married to a very beautiful Chiness doctor.Living in a joyful life now,Jackie hopes that all the poor people in Malaysia would follow his hard work,determination and patient to be successful in life.

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