Friends With Benefits

Alesia Schmidt has know her best friend Niall Horan since she moved in next door to him when they were five. But here's the catch, Niall's loved her since high school but hasn't had the guts to tell her he likes her. Now here's the other thing, she's american. She moved to Ireland because her family had family issues and they needed to get out. If you think most teenage girls have drama, wait until you see what happens when you mix friends, media, boys, and alcohol. Will Niall tell Alesia he likes her? Will they fall in love? Find out in "Friends With Benefits"
P.S. Rated R and M for mature.


24. Phone Fight

*Niall's POV*

"This is ridiculous. Babe do you still have Jake's number?" Alesia asked me as we all got out of the car, grabbed our stuff, and went up to my apartment. "I think so. Let me see," I said looking through my phone. "Yes I still have his number. I'll call him and put it on speaker," I said after finding his number. "Hey man what's up," Jake said after I got through. "Nothing much. Hey I have a quick question for you," I said. "Okay ask away," he said. "Why do you think it's okay to tell MY girlfriend I'm not hot enough for her? Because according to her I'm a sexy beast," I said looking at Alesia. "I never said that," he said. "Really then why have you been going my best friend's throat  just to be with me. Plus I've never liked you. I did at one point, but that was when we were in high school and Niall was still there," Alesia said.

I could tell she wanted to scream at him. "What the hell did I do wrong?" Jake said so innocent like. "You told me you were hotter than him and that I'm making a huge mistake," Alesia said. "The only mistake I made was never kicking your ass!" I said. "I would gladly kick your ass Niall. You can't fight worth shit!" Jake said. I really wanna kick his ass now. "Oh yes he can kick ass. He beat up my ex because he slapped me across the face and you wanna tell me Niall can't kick ass. I have seven  people, counting Niall, that could easily kick your ass because well your weak. That's  why you were never quarterback. So leave me the fuck alone because I will find you and I will kick your ass if I need to," Alesia said.

She looks so hot when she's mad. "Yeah I'll gladly help her kick your ass," Allie said,"I'll open a can of woop ass on you. You little bitch." Wow Liam really found the right girl and so did I. "Well as if two woman could kick my ass," Jake said. Oh shit now he's done it. "Excuse me! Just because we're women doesn't mean shit you asshole," Alesia said. God she's getting hotter and hotter by the minute. She needs a sexy outfit to put it off. "Whatever I know you couldn't kick my ass especially you Allie," Jake said. Allie's face got really red, but before she could say anything, Liam got really mad at Jake.

"You're a fucking idiot if you think she can't kick your weak fucking ass. I've had enough of you talking big like you're so cool. Good-bye and enjoy your fucked up life asshole," Liam said hanging up the phone before he could respond. "Wow you getting all defensive of me is really hot," Allie said. "Hey no sex in our apartment," Alesia said teasingly. "Hey who wants to go to a club tonight?" Louis said. "Wow it's like you can't wait for me to get drunk again," Alesia said. "Well maybe that's me," I said giving her a cheeky smile. "We need to have some rules when we go out because I keep getting wasted and no one cares," Alesia said. "No one said that, babe," I said. "No one had to," she said. Sometimes she's a little had on herself.

"Wait what would I wear?" Allie said. "Clothes I hope," Liam said. "Obvi. I'm not gonna go out in public naked," she said. "Well..." Liam said. Then, Allie smacked him on the head. "Ow," Liam said, "What was that for?" "You deserved it. You were being perverted," Allie said. What my friends do to each other.

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