Friends With Benefits

Alesia Schmidt has know her best friend Niall Horan since she moved in next door to him when they were five. But here's the catch, Niall's loved her since high school but hasn't had the guts to tell her he likes her. Now here's the other thing, she's american. She moved to Ireland because her family had family issues and they needed to get out. If you think most teenage girls have drama, wait until you see what happens when you mix friends, media, boys, and alcohol. Will Niall tell Alesia he likes her? Will they fall in love? Find out in "Friends With Benefits"
P.S. Rated R and M for mature.


37. Mile High Club

*Niall's POV*

I was woken up by the smell of bacon filling the apartment. I got out of bed and got dressed. I walked into the kitchen to find Alesia making us breakfast. I don't know how I got so lucky. She's so perfect. I plan on proposing to her on Valentines Day. So does Liam, but that isn't for a while now. Which will give us a lot of time to be together before that. "Morning sleepy head," Alesia said looking at me. "Morning is right," I said walking over to her and giving her a kiss. "Eat so we can get going I don't want to be late," Alesia said. "Yes babe," I said. I finished eating and then we went to grab all of our stuff. Alesia locked the door as we walked out the door. We got in the cab and headed to the airport.

When we got there, the boys and Allie were there waiting for us. "ALLIE!" Alesia yelled. "LESH!" Allie yelled back. "Wow you act like you guys never see each other,: I said to them. "Well she's just like a sister to me and she knows just as much as you do about me. She's one of my girlfriends that I trust my secrets with. I've had more friend issues than people realize," Alesia said. "Well I know that. We grew up together. I totally understand," I said. When we got on the plain, Alesia fell asleep just like always. "Dude is Allie asleep?" I asked Liam. "Yeah. She's been out since we took off," he said. "I was hoping to be part of the Mile High Club," I said to Liam. He was laughing.

5 minutes later, Alesia woke up. "Wow you woke up without me waking you up," I said. "Yeah cuz I have to pee," Alesia said. I stood up to let her out. While she walked past me, I hit her in the ass. "Hey not yet. I'll let you know," she said winking at me. "Wow someone's dirty," Louis said to her. "Duh. I'm always dirty," she said. While she was in the bathroom. Allie woke up. "Hey sleepy head," Liam said to her. Allie whispered something to him. She went to the bathroom. 2 minutes later Liam went to the bathroom. I'm guessing to be part of the Mile High Club. When Alesia came back, we were just talking. "So did Allie and Liam join the Mile High Club?" I asked Alesia.

"Yup. It's kinda funny too cuz I saw Allie go into the bathroom and then I saw Liam. I knew when I saw her face," she said. "So do you wanna be part of the Mile High Club?" I asked her. "Duh. Come on," she said taking my hand as we made our way to the bathroom. That was the best time of my life! I get to say I'm part of the Mile High Club! Alesia had a huge smile on her face after it was all said and done. When we got back to our seats, Zayn, Louis, and Harry were just staring at us. When we sat down, I could tell that everyone was looking at us. "Did you have fun?" Louis asked us. "Hell yeah," Alesia said. "That's what I thought," he said.

"How would you know?" she asked him. "I could hear you," he said. Alesia sunk down in her seat and didn't say a word. "Are you okay?" I asked her. "Well considering the fact that everyone could hear us is really weird plus 2 nights ago Allie and Liam could hear us," Alesia said. "I can't help it that I hit your sweet spot. You hit mine all the time. I just don't scream it," I said. "Yeah but if I didn't I'd leave scratch marks on your back," Alesia said. "Yeah you have a point," I said. "Honestly  we couldn't hear you. Louis was just giving you a bunch of shit," Allie said. Alesia looked back at Louis and, I couldn't believe it, flipped him off. "Nice," Allie said.

"He'll get more when we get on the tour bus," Allie continued.

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