Friends With Benefits

Alesia Schmidt has know her best friend Niall Horan since she moved in next door to him when they were five. But here's the catch, Niall's loved her since high school but hasn't had the guts to tell her he likes her. Now here's the other thing, she's american. She moved to Ireland because her family had family issues and they needed to get out. If you think most teenage girls have drama, wait until you see what happens when you mix friends, media, boys, and alcohol. Will Niall tell Alesia he likes her? Will they fall in love? Find out in "Friends With Benefits"
P.S. Rated R and M for mature.


12. Funny Car Ride, Naked Running, and Truth or Dare!

*Niall's POV*

Once Alesia got on my lap, I could finally move. "That better?" I asked. "Yup," she said. "I'm hungry now," I said. "Would you like some chips Niall?" Heater asked looking through the snack bag. "Please," I said. About that time Alesia grabbed a bag of chips and started eating them. "Hey did you pack a bag of my chips in the bag?" Harry asked. "Yeah. Why?" Heather asked. "Can I have one of them?" he asked again. "Is this the only bag?" Alesia whispered to Heather. "Yeah," Heather whispered back. Alesia then proceeded to put the bag in her sports bra, put her legs up, and hide the bag while eating the chips. "Well where's the...HEY! Who's eating my chips?" Harry asked a little ticked off.

"Not me," Alesia said with her mouth full as she stuffed the last bit of chips in her mouth. "I'm pretty sure it was you Alesia," Harry said. "Why do you say that?" she asked. "One, I can smell them, two, I heard you move around, and three, I saw you grab the bag," Harry said. "Nice work Styles," Eleanor said. "Thank you," he said. "Here's another bag," Heather said pulling another bag of chips out of her bra. "What else is in there?" Zayn asked being a little mischievous. "Oh My God! Get your mind out of the gutter!" Heather said. "I was kidding," he said. "Yeah. Right," Harry said from the driver's seat.

"Okay. Boys calm down. Zayn, we all know your head was in the gutter, so don't deny it," Alesia said,"Niall your lap is warm." "Anyone want any other snacks?" Heather asked. "Depends if the rest are in your shirt," Liam said. "They're not," she said grabbing bags of snacks out of the snack bag. About two hours latter, we were at the lake. "GOTTA PEE!" Alesia said running to the porter potty. She looks so hot running away. Wow did I just say that? Anyway, Alesia and I set up our tent, which took no time at all. We've been camping before. Plus she's really good with instructions.

*Alesia's POV*

"Done!" I said looking at the others. "Already?!" Harry said in frustration with the main part of the tent on his head, "Are you kidding me Harry?" Niall said laughing at him with the tent on his head. "Harry what the hell are you doing? I leave to go pee for like 3 seconds and you put the damn tent on you're head?!" Jess said a little pissed off at him. "I was trying to put the tent up," Harry said getting out of the tent. "I told you to let me put the tent up. Alesia and Niall got their tent up no problem because we've been camping before," she said. "Maybe we should take a break from putting tents up," Liam said.

"Yeah I like that idea because I need a shower," Niall said. At the camp cite, there are out door showers that are enclosed by wooden stalls. Niall was down to his boxers before he got to the showers. We were sitting at a picnic table talking when I had the idea to take his boxers and head to the lake. The moment he dropped his boxers, I ran like nobody's business. Niall ran after me, naked. Everyone was laughing so hard. I ran off the dock and did a cannon ball into the water. Niall did the same. As Niall did a cannon ball, I was swimming back to shore. I placed the boxers at the shore and headed back to the picnic table. "Are you fucking kidding me Alesia!?" Niall yelled. "I'm sorry, but it had to be done," I yelled back.

He put his wet boxers by the shower stall and proceeded to take a shower. While Niall was in the shower, everyone finished putting their tents up. After Niall was done in the shower, he put clothes on and we ate dinner. We had hotdogs and chips yum! "Who wants to play Truth or Dare?" Eleanor asked. "Sounds like fun," I said. "Okay who's gonna start?" Eleanor asked. "I'll start," Danielle said. "Louis, Truth or Dare?" she asked Louis. He thought for a second and said,"Dare." "I dare you to switch clothes with the person on your left," Danielle said. Zayn was sitting on his left. They switched shirts, shoes, and pants. It was hilarious.

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