Friends With Benefits

Alesia Schmidt has know her best friend Niall Horan since she moved in next door to him when they were five. But here's the catch, Niall's loved her since high school but hasn't had the guts to tell her he likes her. Now here's the other thing, she's american. She moved to Ireland because her family had family issues and they needed to get out. If you think most teenage girls have drama, wait until you see what happens when you mix friends, media, boys, and alcohol. Will Niall tell Alesia he likes her? Will they fall in love? Find out in "Friends With Benefits"
P.S. Rated R and M for mature.


2. Crazy Voice Mail

*Heather's POV*

I had the best party in the history of parties! Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis and my besty, Alesia, were at my birthday party last night. Alesia and I had just gotten rid of our old boyfriends. They were real asses to us. Now I have no idea what's gonna happen between Harry and I. Him and Alesia were taking body shots off each other about half way through the part, but then after that Harry started to dance with me. About that time, Alesia and I's favorite song came on. It was 'Swing' by Savage. We even had our own dance for it and everything. "Let's dance on the table and make it cooler," Alesia said pulling me onto one of the tables. The worst part was probably when she went swimming in the pool and skinny dipped. I had tried to call her this morning to tell her about the epic night I had, but she wouldn't pick up. Harry gave me the best birthday present of all time. We've been dating for 11 months to the day. Well not today but yesterday. He decided to give me my anniversary present early.

*Alesia's POV*

I was at Nando's eating my chicken wrap when I realized that my phone was buzzing. I looked at my phone and saw that I had a miss call from Heather. She left me a message in my voice mail. It said: "OMG! Alesia I wish you would've picked up cuz I have something very important to tell you. Well I'll tell you anyway. Harry gave me my anniversary present early, and guess what it was! Oh wait you can't. So here goes. We hoked up last night. Call me back when you get the chance. Love you. Bye" Well there's the new topic of the day. I guess what she did is the topic today. I'll call her later, but at the moment I need to finish my chicken wrap before going back to Niall's apartment. "Heather is so crazy!" I said to Niall. "What did she do this time?" Niall asked. "She hooked up with Harry last night," I said wondering what he would say about it. "WOAH!"

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