Friends With Benefits

Alesia Schmidt has know her best friend Niall Horan since she moved in next door to him when they were five. But here's the catch, Niall's loved her since high school but hasn't had the guts to tell her he likes her. Now here's the other thing, she's american. She moved to Ireland because her family had family issues and they needed to get out. If you think most teenage girls have drama, wait until you see what happens when you mix friends, media, boys, and alcohol. Will Niall tell Alesia he likes her? Will they fall in love? Find out in "Friends With Benefits"
P.S. Rated R and M for mature.


30. Chick Flicks

*Alesia's POV*

"Let's watch a movie then,' Eleanor said. "Okay we have 'A Walk to Remember', 'The Notebook', 'Titanic', and because everyone likes it 'Finding Nemo'," I said grabbing the 3 chick flicks and Nemo. "Okay we'll take a vote for each. We all get 2 votes." Jess said. 'Titanic' ended up being the winner. Harry and I love Titanic! We were sitting in the living room in this order on the couch: Louis, Eleanor, Niall, and I. On the floor: Harry, Jess, Zayn, and Perrie. Then in our recliner was Allie and Liam. When we had to switch discs cuz  the movie was in 2 discs, Jess and Harry moved to the couch and Louis and Eleanor moved to the floor. When Rose goes "I'll never let got Jack, I'll never let go" I was crying and saying it with her. Jack had died so I was crying.

"Would you cry if that was me instead of Leonardo DiCaprio?" Niall asked me. "Hell yeah! You're my world . If you die, then I'll die, and then a chain reaction would happen," I said. "We have a concert tomorrow night, are you guys coming?" Liam asked us looking at  Allie. "Hell yeah. We wouldn't miss it for the world," Perrie said. "Good because we have very special surprises for you guys tomorrow night," Louis said. "OMG! You're gonna propose to us!?" Allie said being sarcastic. "No not yet. That's too fast to get married," Liam said. "Wait, how special are these surprises?" I asked the boys. "So special that you get to come on stage with us," Niall said. "Sweet," Allie said. "Well tonight was fun and we're definitely doing this again," Eleanor said.

"Yeah, just remember to be careful and use protection deary," Allie said. Oh shit Allie. Why, why?! "What are you talking about?" Liam asked her. "I thought I was pregnant because I was late getting my period, but I was just late. And judging by the cramps right now, I'm getting my period," I said. "Oh, okay," Liam said. I hugged everyone good-bye and then went into mine and Niall's room. I put my thong and bra away. "So tonight was fun," Niall said. "Yeah it was," I said. "Do you wanna have some of our own fun?" Niall asked. "I can't. I'm cramping and I feel like I'm gonna die," I said bending over holding my sides in pain. "Oh okay. Maybe a nice hot bath will help with the cramps," Niall said. "God it's like you know," I said.

"Well we've been friends since we were five, so I know and I have a mum," he said. "Yeah cuz one time we were having a sleepover at my house and I was cramping and I did that," I said. "Duh, but now I can talk with you the whole time," he said with a smile.


A/N: sorry this chapter is short. I promise that this is the only one. Don't forget to comment, favorite, like, and become one of my fans. I was thinking of putting up another fan fic, but about the wanted what do you think? Let me know. I might not put it up though, just a fair warning. Alesia is pronounced like how you would say Alicia in English. 

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