89 days with you

Not every love story has a happy end. That's something Harry and Amy have to learn after Amy got diagnosed with cancer and all they have left are 89 days with each other.


1. Prologue

Tears were streaming down his face while his fingers gently stroke over the black leather book with the shining silver button. It looked old and used; just like he felt in that moment. He took on last shaky breath before he slowly opened it, reading the first lines and touching every word written in black ink... written by her.


1st Janunary - Day 1


Dear diary,

I've always known that life wasn't fair. I started to realize that sooner than I should have but I never really cared. Sure, having cancer with 12 was horrible but I've never actually had something to live for so I figured maybe dying wasn't that bad of an idea after all. But I got trough it and now 6 years later with 18 I've got so much I don't want to lose anymore; especially not Harry. He is the reason I'm still alive. He makes life worth living. He's everything I have and I know I'm going to hurt him with this so I'm not going to tell him but write this diary. He'll get to see it when I'm gone and until then I'm just going to enjoy my time with him.


So I've been noticing this familiar symptoms for quite a while now but I've always been to scared to got to the doctors until today. Back then they told me it was possible for the cancer to come back and they were right. I had to stay at the hospital for a few hours and after a lot of check ups and stuff they were sure; it's back.. I'm so sorry Harry.

They also told me that it's more than possible I'm not going to make it this time.. They gave me about 3 months.

Now I regret not going to the hospital sooner. But I guess I can't change that anymore. I'll just have to live with this and I promise you that I'll get trought this that I'll make it; for you and for us.

I love you so much, Harry.


~Amy .x


That's all he could read before he broke down again. She knew about this. She knew it all along and didn't tell him.





*A/N: hii guys  :) I'm sorry I didn't upload in such a long time but I had a lot of stuff going on and I have been in the hospital for quite a long time so yeah.. But I promise you that I'll write more often now as long as you want me to. And I promise the next chapters will be longer and will go more into detail describing her days with Harry and the boys. :) Hope you still like the changed version of the beginning bc I dind't like the old one anymore. :)

But anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this and you'll have a wonderful day. :) x *




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