Is it you?

Liz was excited to go to England but when her house burns down will a stranger she met on a plane help her? Does she eventually fall in love with him? Even if he is Louis tomlinson from One direction?


9. The date

Liz's POV :
It was Saturday and the day of the date and I was in my room laying on the bed wondering of this is all a mistake. I mean I like Danny but its more like that brother sister way.... On the other hand I like Louis in the more than friends kind of way. Why does everything have to be messed up? Then the door opened "Liz you have to get ready Danny will be here in 15 min and I already set up the table" Louis said with no emotion "ok ill get dressed thank you Lou" I replied "whatever" he replied and left. What is his problem?
Harry's POV :
I hate seeing people like this. Louis is being a giant cunt because he's jealous of this Danny guy and Liz obviously likes Louis from the way she looks at him but she is not liking him acting like a jerk. SO I'm making it my mission to get those two together and I will not fail.
Louis POV :
Ok I realize I've been acting like a jerk but I can't help it I'm just so mad at myself for not asking her sooner but I plan to behave when I'm serving them and I'll try to be my normal cheery self. When u went to check on Liz I heard whimpering. What is going on?
Liz's POV :
So I haven't been honest with you guys so here it goes.... You know my dad right? Wrong only I know him....he's an alcoholic and he abuses... And you might be thinking well why did u act like you loved him when you were gonna leave the house for the airport? I had to for the sake of my mom because she thinks that he is the same man she fell in love with. My mom has a job that keeps her busy most of the day and my dad has a job at night so since mom is at work and my sister is in school he drinks And without having control of himself he hits me. He never remembers it and I'm always afraid to bring it up.... So that's what I've been keeping a secret for so long and honestly it's too much for me too handle and that's why I'm crying because I saw the old bruises and it was overwhelming and I just....broke.
Suddenly I heard the door burst open "What happened??!!" Louis said while running into the room. When he saw me he sat down next to me and I put my head into his chest and I cried into his shirt and he put his arms around me and rubbed my back trying to comfort me "you don't have to tell me if you don't want to" he said holding me tighter "but I want to" I said looking into his eyes. And I told him everything and I was sobbing even more "do you mind showing me?" he asked I figured he was talking about my bruises so I showed him the one on my stomach by lifting my shirt up "that bastard" he said through gritted teeth and clenching his fists "relax Louis I'm away from him and he can't hurt me anymore" I said hugging him "ok if you say so" he said relaxing a little "now don't I have to get ready for my date?" I said trying to lighten the mood "fine I'll go get my waiter suit" we both laughed at that. He left and I started to get dressed. *10 MINUTES LATER* I was just waiting on the couch with Niall and chatting about random things when the door bell rang I ran to go get it and when I opened the door I saw Danny "hey" he said giving me flowers "awww thank you" I said while hugging him then taking the flowers. Then I heard a sound from behind me "excuse me Sir and Madam but your table is ready" I turned around and saw Louis. He was wearing an apron and he had a fake mustache on. I couldn't help but giggle and he then showed us to our table. It was really fancy. It had candles on the side and a flower in the middle. When he led us to our seats he said "ours specials are steak and mash potatoes or chicken soup but personally I would get a big bowl of carrots" he said in a fake italian accent. I laughed at the carrot remark remembering when he took me to the vegetarian place. "I'll have the chicken soup" I said after I finished laughing "I'll have the steak and mash potatoes" Danny said smiling "Your orders will be ready shortly" he said still doing the accent and still earning a laugh from me "so how have you been?" Danny asked when Louis left "I've been good except for the whole house burning down thing" I said kind of shrugging "oh yeah I heard about that" he said looking away "do you like Louis?" Danny suddenly asked "what?" I said feeling heat rise to my cheeks "I see the way he looks at you and how you look at him" he said a obviously hurt but trying to hide it "I...I don't know" I said truthfully. I didn't know if I liked him like a friend or more "if it's alright with you I still want to be friends" he said trying to smile "I'd love to" I said smiling. This wasn't so bad....but I have to understand my feeling towards Louis because now its all a big mess.*AFTER THE DINNER* when I'm walking Danny towards the door he suddenly asks me "can we at least kiss just to know if we feel anything?" I thought about it. One little kiss wouldn't do anything would it? " fine but just one" is say "ok" he says and then the best thing I know his lips are on mine. I know how in movies they say you have to feel fireworks and stuff like that but I didn't feel anything. We pulled away "I hope I don't hurt you feeling but I didn't feel anything" he said looking at me "me neither" I said smiling "so friends?" he says putting his hand out for me to shake it "friends" I said giggling and shaking his hand. Today was a good day.
Louis POV :
I was going to go check on Liz but when I got there I saw her and Danny at the door talking. I thought there was no harm in just eavesdropping a little so listened and peaked my head just enough so they couldn't see me. And then I saw something that made me want to scream......they kissed....
THEY FLIPPIN KISSED!!! I ran to my room and shut the door, got out of my clothes and layed on my bed thinking how stupid I was for thinking I ever had a chance with her. Today was a bad day.
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