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Liz was excited to go to England but when her house burns down will a stranger she met on a plane help her? Does she eventually fall in love with him? Even if he is Louis tomlinson from One direction?


3. Plane buddy

I got my ticket and went back to Clara. She looked like she was gonna kill someone "hey you ok?" I asked "are you kidding me? You've been gone for like forever!!" she said still not looking at me "I'm sorry there was a GIANT line then there was this guy-" she suddenly got up "wait hold up u forgot about me for a guy?" "well umm.." "I'm so proud!!!!!" I was then surprised by the sudden hug        " Clara...can't....breath!!!" "sorry I'm just excited that my little Lizzy is growing up" I rolled my eyes and we went to the gate  
"I'm gonna miss you so much!!" Clara says while a tear goes down her cheek "me too it won't be the same without you" " well were gonna Skype all the time right?" "definitely!!" we just stood there hugging but soon I had to go to my plane " I have to go but I promise I will always keep in contact with you!" "you better!" we both laugh alittle "I'll miss you Lizzy " "I'll miss you too" "ok now you go don't keep the plane waiting" hehe you can always count on Clara to keep a smile on your face "ok bye love you "love you too BYEZ"
While we were getting on the plane I looked to see who I'm sitting next to theres a man with a familiar hood and familiar sunglasses "Louis?"  he looks up "Liz your sitting here?" "is that a problem?" "What?No! I just meant-" "it's ok I was joking" I laughed. It was fun messing with him. "so do you wanna sit?" he asked "oh ya... I'm sorry I kinda spaced out" he started to chuckle "it's ok it happens to me all the time" we both laughed "well I'm glad to have you as an plane buddy" I giggled. This dude was funny "plane buddy? Seriously?" "yup" he said with the biggest smile on his face. I had a plan to see his face since his hood and glasses were still on "if you wanna keep talking you have to take of the hood and glasses" " ok...fine" he took them off and under them was this guy with feather like hair and deep amazing blue eyes. "will you tell anyone?" why did he ask that? Tell who what? "what do you mean?" " Oh you dont recognize me?" i shook my head "im from the band One Direction" "i think i heard of them on the radio a couple times" he just smiled and then we kept talking all throughout the flight. I think I kinda like this guy...
Louis's POV : it's kinda weird that she doesn't know who I am but I kinda like it because she wont pretend to be my friend just because I'm famous. "well plane buddy lets play 5 questions" "5 questions?" " ya you ask me 5 and ill ask you 5" "sounds like fun" "ok ill start are you visiting England or moving there?" "I'm moving there for college" "how old are you" "I'm 18" "huh me too, what's the first thing you thought of me?" "I thought you were weird because of the hood and glasses thing" she then giggled....the way she does it is cute...LOUIS SNAP OUT OF IT!!! You can't like her u just met her and you have a girlfriend!!!! Ok I'll just continue the questions and stop liking her! "are you dating someone?" "nope"she said popping the p "when was your first kiss?" "never" "u never had your first kiss?" she shook her head "ok well my turn is over its your turn" I said cheerfully "ok, where are you from?" "I'm from Doncaster, England" "what was the first thing you thought of me?" "well I thought you were nice" that was a lie I thought she was amazing, beautiful, extraordinary and just plain awesome..LOUIS stop that thinking immediately!! "ok do you have a girlfriend?" "Umm... Yeah kinda" "you don't seem too happy bout that" "oh no I am! I'm extremely happy"I said in a more cheerful tone -lies- "do you like to read?" "definitely  I love to read I'm actually in the middle of the Harry potter series" "cool me too! And finally what's your favorite thing in the whole world?" "CARROTS" I answered truthfully and a little too loud. She was laughing so I took it as a good sign "well thats actually nice " she said still chuckling a little bit "why thank you" I said with a deeper voice and with a bow. She laughed again. I love her laugh, I could hear it forever. We stayed the rest of the plane ride playing games and just having fun. I think I'm starting to like her...
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