Is it you?

Liz was excited to go to England but when her house burns down will a stranger she met on a plane help her? Does she eventually fall in love with him? Even if he is Louis tomlinson from One direction?


8. My feelings

Louis's POV :
After that I stayed silent when Liz asked me what I wanted to talk to her about I said nothing. I didn't speak to anyone the whole car ride back and when we got home I got to my room and slammed the door. All the guys and Liz were knocking on my door but I didn't say anything. At like 1 AM I finally fell asleep.
Liz's POV :
What is up with Louis? One minute he's happy and being his funny self but the next he's slamming doors! I knocked at his door at like 3 AM because I couldn't sleep and i was surprised when he finally opened it "what do you want?" he said with no emotion on his face at all "sorry to bother you Lou I just couldn't sleep and I was wondering if I could sleep on your couch?" I said pointing to the worn out tiny couch in the corner of the room. His face softened "no ill sleep on the couch and you sleep on the bed" he said with a weak smile "no it's ok I won't mind" "how about we skip this long conversation and both sleep in the bed?" I felt heat rush to my cheeks "umm..ya...I mean...if your ok with it" I looked into his deep blue eyes and at that moment I wanted to passionately kiss him. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts thinking that would never happen "ya I'm okay with it" he said going to bed obviously tired "okay" I mumbled and got into bed with him "you okay Lou? I mean you were a little distant today" I said curiously "ya...I'm fine" he said "I can tell your lying"I said honestly "can we please just...drop it?" he said in a serious voice "ok...I'm sorry" "Liz don't be you were just being a good friend and I was a jerk....goodnight Liz" he said yawning "good night Lou" I said falling into a deep sleep.
Liz's POV :
I woke up wrapped in Louis's arms and I was really comfortable almost as if we were meant for each other. I smiled at the thought but then mentally slapped myself for thinking of something so stupid. Louis doesn't like me, he never did and he probably never will so I need to stop liking him.....which is in no way easy. I looked at Louis and how his arms wrapped around my body like I was his and how he was smiling lightly in his sleep. I wonder what he was dreaming about.
Louis's POV :
~~~I was walking in the rain looking for shelter when I saw Liz. She didn't see me so I snuck up on her and wrapped my arms around her from the back then I turned her so she would face me "I love you Lou" she said to me smiling "I love you too Liz" after we said that I leaned in and met her lips with mine. I felt fireworks exploding everywhere~~~
I woke up and saw Liz looking at me and smiling "take a picture it'll last longer" I said in my morning voice.she started to giggle "well I would've left sooner but your arm wouldn't allow it" I looked at my arm and it was wrapped around her tightly "I'm so sorry Liz" I said feeling heat rise to my cheeks "it's ok Lou but we have to get up now because I kind of have a date remember?" when she said that the smile left my lips "ya fine I'll get up" I said a little too harshly but before she could answer I got out of bed and I was heading out the door "hey Lou!!" all the boys said when I got into the living room. I think Harry is the only one who knew I wasn't ok "Lou can I talk to you in private please?" Harry asked walking to the kitchen "fine" I said bitterly and followed " what the hell is going on with you?" Harry whisper yelled "mate leave me alone you wouldn't understand!" "well I don't see what the big problem is-Wait! You fancy Liz don't you" I started to blush a really red color "no I don't" I said looking down "yes you do!! That explains why you looked sad after Liz told us that Danny asked her out and how you always get nervous around her" "fine your right I do fancy her in fact I might even love her so you win!!" after I said that I felt tears threatening to come out and that's when Harry hugged me tightly " it's ok Lou I'm here for you" I broke down after that "I love her and she doesn't even know it! She's dating other guys and it breaks my heart!!" I said in between sobs "shhh it's ok" I calmed down after about 5 minutes "what should I do?" I asked Harry when I was done with sobbing "you need to help her get ready for her date and make sure its gonna happen at the house" "are you insane??!!!" I whisper yelled "no just do it" "fine but I don't see the point" "okay now go and tell her it's gonna happen at the house and your gonna be the waiter" "wait WHAT?? I refuse to have a front row seat to this!" "mate do it to check Danny out and see if you know what he's planning" "fine" I said heading out to my room where I found Liz looking at the ceiling and thinking "hey Liz" I said awkwardly "what's wrong Lou?" she said "nothing it's nothing trust me" I said trying to hide my emotions "fine"she said getting up and hugging me "I know your not ok but I'll drop it if that's what you want" she said hugging me tighter "thank you" I said hugging her back "ok let's go shall we" "wait Liz. me and the lads were thinking that you could have your date here and I'll be your waiter" "that sounds great! You would make a great waiter" she said giggling "yeah I know I would" I said popping the collar which made her laugh more "ok let's go to the guys" she said I nodded and we headed to the guys "Oi you guys finally up?" Niall said while munching on a bag of crisps "ya we are now what's for breakfast?" I asked rubbing my tummy "well we were thinking of going out for breakfast but coming back early for Liz to get ready for her date" Liam said pointing at Liz "yeah....ok....let's get ready I guess" I said going into my room to get dressed
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