Is it you?

Liz was excited to go to England but when her house burns down will a stranger she met on a plane help her? Does she eventually fall in love with him? Even if he is Louis tomlinson from One direction?


6. Helping hand

Louis's POV :
I was just relaxing with the lads
When my phone started to ring. I answered it "hello?" "hi Louis" I'd know that voice anywhere, it's Liz..but why is she crying? "Liz? Why are you crying?" " house burned down and nothing was saved and the only person that I thought I could call is you....please don't be mad" "why would I be mad? I'm coming to your house now!" I hung up and went to Zayn "Zayn I need to borrow your car now!" "ok just don't scratch it" "FINE I won't just give me the keys!" "wow someones in a rush, but here" he gave me the keys and I sprinted to his car. I had to get there soon. I was going above the limit but I didn't care all I cared about was Liz. When I pulled up to her street I jumped out of the car and races to her building when I got there i saw firemen everywhere I looked around more and saw her. She was crying her eyes out, when she saw me she ran towards me and suddenly hugged me and I hugged back "thank you for coming" she whispered while still crying, I didn't answer I just hugged tighter. We stayed like that for like ten minutes but then I pulled away an looked her in the eye and said "you're staying with me and the lads, we have a guest bedroom you can use" she then shook her head "I-I can't do that to you, I'll just be a burden" "trust me you won't" she then nodded and I then guided her back to the car when we got there I asked "are you hungry? I'm going to nandos to get some food and I'll get for you too" "yeah if it's not too much trouble" "Liz don't be afraid to ask me for anything ok?" she nodded *BACK AT THE FLAT*  "MATES IM HOME" I screamed so they would hear me "hey did you get food?" asked Niall coming from the kitchen, when he noticed Liz I quickly explained everything and he just nodded "welcome Liz" he said while going in for a hug " oh and mate don't worry I'll explain it to the rest of the lads" he said while going back to the kitchen. I decided to show Liz her room it was across from my room so I was happy about that "so Liz do you like your room?" "ya it's really cool" she said smiling which made me smile "Liz its like 6 o'clock do I think we need to get you down there and socialize" she giggled "okay" when we got downstairs all the lads were there and they all said hello with cheerful tones "okay now Liz this is Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Niall"  I pointed to each one of them "Lou the lads and i were thinking to play games now are you and Liz in?" harry asked I looked to Liz and she nodded "LET'S PLAY SOME GAMES!!" I shouted which made everyone laugh "what should we play Liz?" I asked her "I say truth or dare" "YOU HEARD THE LADY GET THE BOTTLE!" I sounded like an army man and every one laughed except Liam who went to get the bottle,when we sat in the circle Harry said "I'll go first!" he spun the bottle and it landed on me "Louis truth or dare?" he asked and I love a challenge so I said "dare" he began to stroke his imaginary beard "dare you say" he began to wonder "I dare you to strip down to your underwear and run in the building" I didn't want to seem scared so I said "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" and I began to strip down and everyone bursted into laughter and Zayn got the camera to record me and when I was only in my underwear I ran out of the flat and across the floors and a lot of people were laughing but I didn't care so when I got back to the flat everyone was on the floor laughing and Zayn said "I got it all!" I put my clothes back on and we went for round two I spun it and it landed on Liz "Liz truth or dare?" "truth" "ok let me think....who is the cutest guy in this room?" I wanted to know who she thought was cute "'s a tie between you and Zayn" I looked at Zayn and he just made the 'oh stop it you!' face, I don't think that he likes her but just to be sure I'll ask him later. After hundreds of rounds Liam said "OK we should probably go to bed!"I felt like being funny "BUT daddy I don't wanna!!" everyone laughed and so I started to suck my thumb and cry like a baby and before I knew it I was carried by Liam and everyone following "daddy can you read me a bedtime story?" I asked in the most childlike voice I could make "sure Lou Lou" he said and I giggled "what do you want it to be about?" by now everyone was laughing on the floor and barely breathing "CARROTS!!" I screamed and Liam put me on the bed and said "there was once a carrot princess the end" now everyone including Liam went out of the room and then I remembered u need to check on liz. I got out of bed and went to my closet to get a shirt and sweats because liz doesn't have any clothes. I got to her room and knocked she opened it quickly and smiled "since you don't have any clothes I got you these" I showed her the clothes and she hugged me "this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done" "give you clothes?" "no let me stay with them" she chuckled. It was getting late and I was a little tired so I  said "Liz I have to go to bed now but if you need anything you call me okay?" "okay thanks Lou Lou" she said mocking how Liam said it and I just laughed and went back to my room I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.
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