Is it you?

Liz was excited to go to England but when her house burns down will a stranger she met on a plane help her? Does she eventually fall in love with him? Even if he is Louis tomlinson from One direction?


7. Danny

Liz's POV :
I woke up and at first I was terrified but the everything came flooding back and when I thought of the house I let a few tears slip out then I remembered what me and the boys did and I tarted to giggle. I got up from bed noticing I was in Louis's clothes that he gave me and then I looked in the mirror and I looked terrible my eyes were red and puffy from crying myself to sleep and my skin was pale. I thought I should go to the bathroom to freshen up and when I got there and I saw a new toothbrush  and toothpaste that had a sticky note on it saying 'for Liz - Louis :)' I smiled and brushed my teeth  then I washed my face. I went into the living room to find all the guys siting and laughing at something. Louis noticed me "gods morning Liz" he said smiling and waving me over "good morning guys" I said walking over to sit next to Louis "hello" they all said in unison "what do u wanna do today" Niall asked everyone "how bout we go to the arcade?" Harry suggested "maybe. What do you think Liz?" Louis asked me "sounds like fun.. But I don't have any clothes" "well how bout you wear yesterday's clothes an we will go shopping to get you some new ones" Liam asked me "I can't just take your money like that" I replied but they started chuckling. What was so funny? "what are you guys laughing at?" I asked curiously "Liz have you forgotten that we're rich?" Louis said while still laughing.  I'm so stupid I forgot that they are rich and famous "oh..sorry" I said a little embarrassed "it's fine love we will go in about an hour" said Louis while getting up to go get something to eat "okay as long as I'm not a burden " "how many times do I have to tell you? Your not a burden" Louis said while going into his room to get ready "fine I guess ill go get dressed" I said while getting up everyone nodded and I went to my room.
Louis's POV :
As I was getting dressed u couldn't help but think of Liz and how amazing she is. The way she smiles and laughs its so beautiful even when shes not wearing makeup. I decided that I would ask her out today. I went to closet to decide what to wear. I finally decided on dark denim jeans , a white shirt with red stripes, a leather jacket and some red converse shoes. I looked at the mirror pleased at my appearance 
and I went to the living room and sat down next to Zayn. When Liz came in I couldn't help but stare, she was beautiful. And I plan to make her mine. "Louis are you okay?" Harry asked looking concerned "erm...ya I'm fine Haz" I said trying to sound cheerful but noone believed it but luckily they dropped it. 
Liz's POV :
When I went into the living room I noticed Louis staring at me and I tried not to blush and I felt these odd emotions in my stomach almost like.....butterflies? No i couldn't like him that would totally ruin our friendship. I walked over to the couch and say next to Niall "well I think we should get going" said Liam who was. Going out the door. We all raced downstairs and hoped in the car. The seating was : Liam was driving, Niall was in the passenger seat, Harry and Zayn in the middle and me and Louis in the back. When Liam backed out of the parking lot Niall said "are we there yet?" like a whiny little kid "Niall I just got out of the parking lot!" said Liam chuckling. Then Niall mumbled something under his breath that sounded like...rotten potato? Louis broke the silence by saying to me "can I ask you something?" I was a little curious "sure what is it?" he looked a little nervous "well....umm.....I...I was wondering-" I cut him off " just say it you can trust me" he smiled " well I was wondering if you-" "WERE HERE" Liam said in a sing-song voice" "FINALLY" said Harry Said jumping out of the car and hugging the ground "watch out Harry or you'll get ground-herpes" said Zayn chuckling at Harry who was pretending to die over dramatically "Harry just die already so we can go inside!!" Niall groaned "fine" harry stood up and pouted. I was just laughing so hard and then I noticed Louis looking a little...disappointed? "Lou are you ok?" I asked a little concerned "yeah I'm fine" he said while putting on a smile that was obviously fake but I didn't wanna pressure him so I just nodded. When we got into the mall the guys dragged me everywhere started they stopped at Forever 21 and we went inside. Lou, Niall, and Liam rushed to get the clothes while Harry and Zayn were just laughing at something. When Lou, Niall, and Liam came back they had a TON of clothes "guys I just want a couple things" I protested but them Lou said "no protesting unless your Jimmy" everyone laughed and I just shrugged and went to the dressing rooms and after what felt like hours of trying clothes on we were done and I got 7 shirts, 9 pants, and Harry insisted on me buying underwear and bras so I got those too and some TOMS. When we were done we went to the food court "I guess we can't go to the arcade since its already 7" Liam said sadly everyone said "yeah" in unison "um Liz can I talk to you?" Louis said out of nowhere. I think it was about earlier..I don't know what's wring with me but for a split second I felt like he was gonna ask me out "yeah sure" I said cheerfully we went out of sight and them he said  "um..Liz.....this is not easy....but will you-" he was cut off by someone "Liz?!?!" I looked into the persons reflection and the memory of him immediately flooded back "Danny??!!" I said shocked. Danny was one of my best friends but then he moved to London and since I was in the US we drifted apart "OMG how are you?!" he asked breaking me out of my trance "I'm great and its awesome to see you!!" I then noticed because he coughed awkwardly "oh Danny this is Louis" "oh hey dude" Danny said and grabbed Louis hand shaking it "um hi" Louis said and I could tell he was uncomfortable "wait are you two dating?" Danny asked and u felt heat rise to my cheeks "NO!" we both yelled "oh..well then Liz I know we haven't seen each other in like forever but do you want to out with me?"
Louis POV :
WHAT THE HELL??? I tried to ask her out twice today and u was interrupted both times first by Harry then Danny. Me and Danny both waited on her answer "umm yeah sure I'll go out with you" she said cheerfully. I felt my heart break into a million pieces. This is not my day...
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