Is it you?

Liz was excited to go to England but when her house burns down will a stranger she met on a plane help her? Does she eventually fall in love with him? Even if he is Louis tomlinson from One direction?


4. Carrot 'date'

Liz's POV :
Me and Louis were just goofing of when the plane announced that we would be landing soon "no fair!" I said while pouting and crossing my arms like a seven year old "well how about we exchange numbers so the fun will never end!" he said as if he just came up with the most genius idea ever "that's genius!!!" "oh and of you ever get in troube and need help just call me I'll be there in a jiffy" I chuckled when he said jiffy but the I realized something "but where are you staying because I'm staying England" "me too I guess we will be seeing a lot of each other" he said again in his deep voice "well I guess we will"  then we exchanged numbers and we were getting off the plane and when I looked to my right I saw the hood and sunglasses again "you're wearing those again?" he looked at me "well I kinda have to so the fans dont recognize me" he said with a disappointed tone. I think I could cheer him up "well plane buddy u was going to invite you for a carrot since its your favorite thing but now you can forget it" i said while trying to keep in a giggle "you wouldn't dare!!" he said trying to sound angry "fine I wouldn't" "good because I know this place which is like sells vegetarian stuff and I was wondering if you want to go,love" I felt like messing with him so I said "so like a date?" " what? No! Its not that I don't want to go on a date with you I would...I mean I-" " cool it carrot boy I was just joking" I said while trying to hold in the laughter "haha very funny" -note the sarcasm- "fine can we go there now?" "okay let's just leave the airport first, love" is it weird that every time he says 'love' I get  tingly?
Liz's POV : this place doesn't look that bad " Lou how do you know about this place" "I once came here by accident when it was raining hard and I was looking for shelter" he smiled . His smile is so cute..and his eyes..and his...LIZ STOP LIKING HIM! I need to not focus on his amazingness and just on the carrots "Umm are you guys ready to order?" a perky waitress says. Wow I have never seen so much makeup on a face before "Liz what what would you like?" "erm...I'll just have a plain carrot" "I'll have what she's having" when she left I smiled and said to Louis " Louis this is the weirdest lunch I've ever had" he looked quite surprised and said in a joking but trying to be serious tone "Excuse me! Carrots are not at all weird! In fact your weird" he said the last part like an old lady. We both erupted in laughter. He checked his watch "Liz its getting quite  late I think I need to take you home" "your right but do you mind taking me?" "of course not, love" he said with that amazing cheerful tone. He then interrupted my thoughts by saying "you never told me where you live" "oh I'll show you " "ok I think we best get going then" he left and I followed 
"thanks Lou for taking me home, do you wanna come inside?" I asked hopeful that he would say yes "yes I had nothing to do so why not" I smiled and led him in. "wow the only things in this place that work are the stove and the toilet " we both chuckled at the place after we took a look around "I could help you fix it, love" "no it's ok I can manage" "ok I have to go the lads will be getting worried, but if you need anything just call me okay?" "Lou stop being such a mom" I couldn't help but let out a giggle at that thought "fine but promise you will call if anything happens" wow this dude was obsessed with safety "Lou I promise now go because you said your friends will get worried" " oh yeah your right, well I best be going bye, love" "bye carrot boy" we both smiled and when I closed the door I faced the death trap known as my apartment 'I need help...' I thought but I didn't want to annoy anyone do I better suck it up and better start unpacking. Here we go.
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