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Liz was excited to go to England but when her house burns down will a stranger she met on a plane help her? Does she eventually fall in love with him? Even if he is Louis tomlinson from One direction?


5. Burned

Louis's POV :
Wow Liz is everything a guy would want. BUT I have a girlfriend so I should put my feelings for Liz aside and just go to my flat and relax with the lads 
"HELLO IS ANYONE HERE?" I yelled so someone could here me "mate whats with the yelling?" I turned around and there was Zayn  with his hand on his ear "I'm sorry Zaynie I just wanted to see if anyone was home" "yeah they are all asleep" "asleep you say" I said with a mischievous smirk "Lou what are you up to?" "you'll see " and I couldn't help the grin that formed on my face "fine just leave me out of it!" "of course Zaynie" I then went and got a big bucket and then went to the bathroom to fill it up with water . When it was compBletely full I tiptoed  to Harry's room and then dumped the entire bucket on his head "AHHHH" he said while falling to the the ground. I fell to the ground with laughter "good....morning!" was all I managed to get out "Lou seriously?" I finally finished laughing and said "yup!" popping the p. I didn't have to wake up anyone else because they all woke up from Harry's screams so after Harry got changed from his wet clothes we had breakfast "So Lou did you have any fun on the flight or was it boring like usual?" asked Niall while munching on baken "ya it was fun I met a girl on the plane named Liz and we just goofed off on the plane" and when I said that I couldn't help but smile at the thought of her " awwww our little Boobear is in love " said Zayn while making a heart shape with his fingers " Zayn no because if you forgot I have a girlfriend" that was nothing but a lie because an hour ago Eleanor texted me that it was over and she found someone else. Honestly I was relieved since I don't think I loved her anymore "Louis are you alright ?" asked Liam who looked alittle concerned "actually Liam I am because my girlfriend who I don't love broke up with me and I'm ok with that" I said with a smile that not the least bit forced "when did she break up with you?"asked Harry who looked concerned also "about an hour ago in a text message" "that bitch..." "Harry its ok I stopped loving her a while ago I just wasn't able to break up with her" his face softened "as long as your ok" that Harry cared more than a mother "it's ok Hazza I'm fine" I said with a smile then Niall eventually changed the subject on to a baken phone.....that boy and his food made the perfect couple.
Liz's POV : 
I'm almost done unpacking and the place doesn't look that bad but I have the strangest feeling that something bad will happen today. I just shrug it off then go call Clara who I promised to call half an hour ago *Ring* *Ring* *Ring* "hello?" "hey Clara!" "hey Liz! Did you settle in yet?" "yup you could say that" "how bout that guy from the airport?" I feel the smirk through the phone "um actually we sat together in the plane then he invited me to a carrot lunch" "well what's his name?" "his name is louis and he is from some band called one direction" "ARE YOU SERIUOS YOU MET LOUIS TOMLINSON AND HE ASKED YOU OUT? "I don't see what the big deal is its just a band and we went as friends" "Liz! One Direction is the biggest boyband in the world millions of girls would have gave anything to be with him! Oh and that was a date" "wow I guess that explains the hood and sunglasses AND IT WASN'T A DATE" then I started to have a mental fight with myself 'you wish it was a date' 'brain not the time' 'whatever you like him' 'no I don't!' 'yes you do don't be so dumb' 'brain shut up' back to phone call "Liz are you there?" "yeah I'm here" "well fine but do you like him or not" "no I dont!" "fine no need too get bitchy" "hehe fine bye Clara I have to finish unpacking" "k bye lizzyboo" "bye Clarabear" after u hung up I went to the stove to make some tea and after I turned on the stove I went to go finish unpacking and when I finished I went to get my tea and when I saw the stove it was on fire "WHAT THE HELL??" the fire started to spread throughout the kitchen and I got my phone and called the fire department and as soon as they got here the fire already spread to the living room and it blocked the exit I then saw a firefighter that came and for me out if the building "Ma'am how did this happen" "well I went to the stove and wanted to make tea so I left it there because I had to unpack and when I came back everything was on fire" "well ma'am I'm sorry to tell you this but everything was burned nothing was saved "nothing?" at that moment I lost it I cried and cried and cried till there were no more tears. I grabbed the phone still while crying and called the only person who I know that could help me now "Hello?" "Hi Louis"
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