Will You Love Me In The Morning?

Felicity Edwards and Louis Tomlinson were joined at the hip throughout childhood but when feelings started to develop and as Louis began his fame they grew apart, leaving Felicity behind, she thought she would never get to tell him how she really felt, until one spontaneous evening years later. It was a night that changed everything.


3. Chapter Three

We all drove into London, with Louis' band members, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall, A few of Louis' friends from school and a few of my friends. We arrived to London an nine. Perfect time to find a bouncing club. "That looks amazing!" I said, looking at London's most famous club, Ministry of Sound. "But we'd never get in.." I added. "I heard Louis chuckle modestly. "Uh hello, Lissy? One Direction in this vehicle!". I laughed and dropped my head. "I guess I'm not used to you all being kind of famous around here".

Louis was right, we got into the club easily and even were all given VIP passes each, offering free drinks and food for the entire night. Wicked. We danced and partied for a an hour or so before Louis grabbed my hand and dragged me into a private room. It had a bed and everything. It was have been awkward but since I was with Louis, we rarely encountered awkward moments. "I got you something.." Louis whispered. I suddenly got excited and sat down on the bed. Louis came and sat beside me. He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a small, velvet box. I looked and him and he handed it to me. I opened it slowly. My jaw dropped. It was a stunning diamond necklace. "Wow.. Louis.. I feel really horrible.." I said as I realised I hadn't gotten him anything. "Don't sweat it love, I just wanted to give you something special, just you being here is the best gift for me, Lissy.." Louis said happily. I breathed a sigh of relief. Louis put the necklace on me and I held the pendant close to my heart. I turned to face Louis. It was now or never. I breathed deeply. "Louis.. There's something I've been meaning to tell you.." I said quietly. "What is it?" Louis asked. I looked deeply into his crystal blue eyes. "I.. I'm in-" But before I could finished we were rudely interrupted by a highly intoxicated man, who burst into the room, slamming the door in the wall. It was a man I knew all to well. Louis stood up immediately. Standing in front on me. "Oh hey!! Felicity!!" The man called out. The man was Steve. My ex. We had terrible history as he was a controlling and abusive man. When Louis found out what he did to me, I had to stop him from going over there and killing him. "Steve, just get out." Louis said softly. "Hah, Still best buds with old superstar here eh?" Steve said rudely directing toward Louis. Louis grabbed my hand tightly. "Security!!" Louis called out. "Hah! Whimp!" Steve said, provoking Louis. I felt Louis' grip tighten on my hand. "No, Lou, calm down. He's not worth it.." I whispered calmly. "Can't even fight ya own battles! Pathetic!" Steve shouted. That was it. I looked at Louis face, anger erupting. "Louis!" I almost screamed. He let go of my hand and went forward. Then all I saw was Louis fist fly up in the air and hit his target, Steve. Steve went tumbling backwards and was on the ground in seconds. Louis stood there in shock as security dragged Steve away. I walked up to Louis and grabbed his hand. He turned around and hugged me closely. "I'm sorry.." He whispered. "Sorry? You should be proud.. He deserved that a long time ago..." I said quietly. I felt Louis' cheeks pull as he smiled. "I love you Lissy," Louis said. I smiled. "I love you too Lou." Although it hurt because he didn't love me the same as I loved him.

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