Will You Love Me In The Morning?

Felicity Edwards and Louis Tomlinson were joined at the hip throughout childhood but when feelings started to develop and as Louis began his fame they grew apart, leaving Felicity behind, she thought she would never get to tell him how she really felt, until one spontaneous evening years later. It was a night that changed everything.


10. Chapter Ten

"Mum, you don't need to do this.." I said as she started to unpack her drawers into suitcases. She had decided on her own that she would move in with me until I figured out what I was doing. It was kind of nice to know that she would be there for support 24/7 but I didn't think it was necessary of her to pack up and leave.

"I'm not letting you sit alone at home, wondering what is going to happen." Mum said stubbornly. There wasn't much use in changing her mind.

"It'll be just until you decide what you're going to do." She added.

I let out a sigh and left it at that. "What do you want me to pack?" I asked. 

"Nothing, but you can take this one out to your car," My Mum said as she zipped the final zip up on the first suitcase. 

I laughed. "Alright,"


I unlocked the door to my apartment, once it opened I reached down to pick up one of my Mother's suitcases and brought it inside. "The place looks nice," Mum said.

"Holly tided it up for me," I responded. 

"She's a great friend," 

"Yeah, she is," 

Although my Mum had only meet Holly a few times, my Mum loved her, I guess she caught that lively spark that Holly sends out just as I did. 

"I'll take your bags to the spare room," I suggested.

"Don't be silly, I'm not that old!" My Mum joked, picking up her bags to clearly take them to the guest room where she would be residing in for the next few weeks.


My Mum made us both a cup of tea and we sat comfortably perched on the sofa. 

"So, I really think you should tell Louis the news, sooner rather than later," My Mum suddenly announced.

"It's not that easy, I mean, there's his girlfriend, his career, his reputation, and there's a chance that it isn't even his baby!" I replied,

"But if you were in his position wouldn't you want to at least know that you might be the parent to a child, you know how Louis feels about his family, he's going to want to be there.." My Mum added.

I sighed deeply. "You're right, but I don't know how I'm going to tell him." 

"In person for a start, this is big news and you know how I feel about all that cyber stuff-"

"I know Mum, don't worry, I'll tell him in person, promise" I said, resting a hand on my Mum's hand in reassurance. My Mother had been so uptight about things like that, ever since that's how my father told her he wanted a divorce. Over text.

She smiled at me before standing up, "It's late, c'mon, off to bed," My Mum said.

I laughed at how she was treating me how she did when I was living at home, it felt kind of good to have my Mum at home with me right now. "Alright, night Mum," I said as I gave her a peck on the cheek and headed off to bed.



When I woke up I walked into the living area to find my Mum and Holly chatting away on my sofa. They noticed my presence and stopped talking suddenly.

"Morning!" They both called out with a hesitant smile. 

"Morning.. When did you get here Holly?" I asked.

"Uh, about half an hour ago, your Mum answered the door," She replied.

I nodded with understanding as I walked over to where they were sitting. My Mum shifted over to make room for me as I began to sit down. "So what's the goss? I asked intriguingly. Knowing they were talking about someone they didn't want me to hear.

"Oh nothing too interesting," Holly spoke.

I chewed my lip and scanned their faces suspiciously.  I could tell they were hiding something.

"I'm not oblivious, what's going on?" I asked sternly, standing up and folding my arms tightly across my chest.

I watched as Holly and my Mother quickly exchanged worried glances with each other. 

"Well.. Um.." My Mum started.

"Spit it out!" I said louder getting impatient.

"Let's just tell her," Holly said directing towards my Mum.

"Tell me what?!" I blurted out abruptly.

"Don't flip out.." My Mother warned.

I bit my lip hard, urgently waiting for the news they had been so reluctant to share.

"Well, me and your Mum were chatting, about you.. And your pregnancy, and Louis..." Holly started.

I froze. I afraid to know where this was heading. 

"Anyway... We thought it would be a good idea to arrange something.." Holly said hesitantly.

"We have called Louis." My Mum blurted out, her eyes clenched tight shut. 

I couldn't believe what I had just heard. "You.. You what?!" I asked, shocked.

"You're meeting him for dinner, tonight." Holly added. 

I couldn't believe that the two people I trusted the most with this ordeal had sprung this on me. I wasn't ready. Not even close.

"No. No, not a chance." I said, pacing around the living room to try to keep my cool. It was proving to not help though.

"We shouldn't have done it without consent, we know, but love, he needs to know.." My Mother told me sympathetically, following me around, trying to calm me,

"I can't believe you two did this! I'm not ready!" I shouted.

Mum stopped following me around and stood her ground. "Look, I know that this is hard but you have to tell him soon, you can't keep putting this off!".

I stopped. "I know," I breathed. "I just.. I think I should tell Matthew first,".

Silence fell upon us all. I don't think anyone else had really thought about him, he'd hadn't come into the picture since he was still in America.

"Right, yeah," Mum said. 

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense.. I hadn't thought about Matt." Holly said quietly.

"He flies in on Thursday, so I have five days to prepare." I said.

My Mum nodded and approached me with her arms open for a hug. I gladly took her offer and embraced her warmly. 

"I'm sorry sweetheart, we'll tell Louis that tonight's off," She said soothingly.

I pulled away from the hug. "No." I simply said.

Both my Mum and Holly had dumbstruck looks on their faces. Clearly confused. 

"I'll go, but I won't tell him.." I said hesitantly.

After a long pause my Mum broke the silence. "Okay, it's completely up to you what you want to do, and that is a wise idea," My Mum said supportively.

I sighed. "It's going to be hard to see him," I said shakily, looking down towards my feet. 

"I know, I know baby," My Mum coaxed. 

"It'll be alright Lis," Holly joined in.

I smiled at them, "Who's up for a coffee?"

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