Will You Love Me In The Morning?

Felicity Edwards and Louis Tomlinson were joined at the hip throughout childhood but when feelings started to develop and as Louis began his fame they grew apart, leaving Felicity behind, she thought she would never get to tell him how she really felt, until one spontaneous evening years later. It was a night that changed everything.


4. Chapter Four

When I woke up my head was throbbing from all the alcohol the previous night, it took me awhile to figure out I was in a hotel room with all the lads and the girls, and a few unknown girls who were wrapped around Zayn and Harry. I walked into the kitchen area, cautiously stepping over bottles, glasses, and other odd things. I grabbed myself a glass from what was left of them in the cupboard and walked over to the sink and filled my glass up with water from the tap. As I was drinking I looked out the window and noticed an for-sale sign in the window of a gorgeous, old-style, brick apartment. It was perfect. I imagined myself sitting there, writing my novels, sipping tea. I was so tempted to use my savings to start renting right now. As I stood there staring out the window at this dream apartment, It made me remember the times when my Dad would bring me over to London, we would spend hours, walking around, eating candy floss and go sight-seeing. I sighed at the thought of how much I missed him. Ever since my parents got a divorce 5 years ago, and he moved to Ireland, I never saw him much. 

"What are you doing Lis?" I heard Louis call out from behind me. I turned to face him, "Just getting a drink.." I said. Louis looked behind me and obviously noticed what I was looking at. "Why don't we go check it out?" Louis said. "What are you talking about?" I asked playing dumb. "You know what I'm talking about, c'mon, let's go.."

We walked across the street and made our way up to the entrance of the apartments. There was a speaker by the door, asking us what our deal was. "I'm here to enquire about the apartment you have up for rent?" I asked. "Oh of course, come on through," The voice responded. The doors opened and Louis and I walked in. I discussed the apartment details the the owner and she was more that happy to rent to me. "Well when can you start paying?" She asked. "I have savings and it can't be that difficult to find a job around here, could it?" I said. "Actually, since I've been trying to rent this place for ages, my brother owns a coffee shop just a few blocks from here, I'll call him and have him give you a job, if you wanted." The kind sales lady suggested. "Yes! That sounds great!" I said excitedly. "Great, the place is yours!" She said happily. "Thank-you!!" I said. I turned to Louis and he hugged me happily."This is your shot now Lissy.." Louis added.

Within a week I was all moved in, I can't say my Mum was happy to see me go, I felt bad because she'd be all alone in the house now. But she knew this is what I have been waiting for. I started my job and it was going well. I was even happier when Louis told me that he would be moving to London, along with the other boys that month. Life was perfect. 


I had been living in London for over 6 months already and I hadn't told Louis how I felt yet. The time was never right, he was always to busy with recordings. Nothing had changed, I still worked at the coffee shop and I continued writing but I couldn't get a company to publish me. I felt like giving up. It was at a interview with a publishing company that I met Holly. She was in the waiting room, sitting beside me. We got along well and exchanged numbers so we could meet up and share writing ideas. Unfortunately neither of us got signed but we still met up one evening at my place. And from then on she became a really close friend of mine. She knew about my past, my dreams, how I felt about Louis. She was great at giving advice, I just wasn't good at taking it. Holly tried setting me up on blind dates to see if I could find a spark with anyone else, but it was useless. All I wanted was Louis.


A few months on, I received a phone call from Louis telling me that he was going on tour. And I wouldn't see him for a long time. I hardly saw him now, and not seeing him for months of end sucked. 

"Well have fun," I said to Louis as he stood by the gate to his private jet. "I will, I'll miss my little Lissy.." Louis said cheekily. I smiled. "I'll miss you too Lou" I replied. He hugged me closely and I felt myself get choked up. "Don't cry babe.." Louis whispered. "Just don't forget about me back here, while you're out there in the world," I added. Louis smiled and wiped the tears that were falling down my cheeks. "I couldn't even If I tried.." Louis whispered. We hugged again and he kissed me softly on the forehead. "Love you Lis..",

"I love you too, Louis.."

-Flashback End-

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