call 911 i am in the social Sean now xoxo

How a hair dye and a bitchy personality can change you in a new york minute


1. whazzzzzzzz up

whazzzzzzzz up mood

you diary gods are probley thinking why is she calling me mood becouse i hate that bullshite dear diary so i just call you mood becouse thats why my mother is makeing me do this she says my moodswings drive her up the wall but her shipping me off to my rich creepy uncal in new york is driving me to kill her but ovs not im no murder and i love her thats why i have said es to going but it will be hard leaving my frends im a goth well sater but i dont like lising to that devil whispering shit but i like peole not to notus me so i just go sit with them i look like one thoe i have black long hair and i wear black makeup but maybe its time to change and make peole want to no me not want to spray tan me so this is my storey hope you enjoyed it mood  you littel slut x alice 


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