Clove's Story

This is the story of the District Two tribute Clove before she went into the Games.

Some details may not be 100% accurate in correspondence to the book, I apologise if this is the case!


2. Making Enemies.


Clove’s Story Part 2:

I wasn’t in a very good mood after the knife throwing lesson. True, I had been the best there, and true, Cato wasn’t TOO distracting, but I was now getting killer looks of the three brunettes, who looked like they could turn pretty nasty if I got on the wrong side of them. I sighed, and pulled out my timetable and started to read what I had next while I walked. Inevitably, I banged into something. “Watch it!” came a voice and I looked up, trying not to show how scared I was. However, I did a double take as I found myself staring into the eyes of my big brother, Shane. “You alright, Clovey?” he whispered urgently and then helped me up. “Better run along now” he smiled. I got up off the floor and made my way to my next lesson; Snares.


I got there feeling even worse than before. I knew that I would be awful at this kind of thing, and showing your weakness in front of the class probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do. I entered the classroom, and saw to my dismay that partners had already been sorted out. That meant that none of the lesson would be wasted. I took one look at the pairings and my heart sunk like a stone. Because the person I was paired with, was the irritating brunette, Amy Stone.

It took me a couple of seconds to realise that I wasn’t worst off. The pale, shy girl names Isobelle was paired with Cato, who looked like he would never be able to make snares to save his life! As soon as we got started, I realised that annoyingly, Amy was actually pretty good at this. And I, on the other hand, completely sucked. Amy was getting really stress at me when I wasn’t getting it right, and I could feel my anger levels rising. On the last station, I could hold it in no longer.  “Can’t you see, you do it like this, you stupid girl? Don’t you know anything? Oh, forgive me, of course you don’t! You are a Greenleaf, and we all know that they aren’t exactly renowned for their brains, are they now?” She gave a little giggle, and I stared straight in to her eyes. “What did you just say?” I whispered angrily. “Oh you heard it right.” She giggled. In one swift movement I kicked over her precious snare and held her arms behind her back, twisting them slowly as I spoke. “You never,” I growled, “Insult my family in front of me. Understand?” Amy moaned with pain, and her face was going a slight purplish colour.  By now, most of the class was watching, including  Mr Wilding, the teacher. I had heard that teachers here liked a good fight. I carried on twisting Amy’s arm with a nasty grin on my face. And then, suddenly…CRACK. I jumped away from Amy in surprise and she ran at me, holding her broken arm with the other hand. I braced myself for the fight, but she stopped, right by my ear. “This isn’t over, Greenleaf.” She muttered and ran out the classroom, the other two brunettes following her hot on her heels. Only then did it dawn on me. What had I done? How much trouble was I going to get in? And, most importantly, had I made a bad choice of enemy?


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