Clove's Story

This is the story of the District Two tribute Clove before she went into the Games.

Some details may not be 100% accurate in correspondence to the book, I apologise if this is the case!


4. An Unexpected Friend.


Cloves Story Part 4:

As I left the academy and began to walk home, my heart was racing. Did I make the right choice, deserting Isobelle? Did I really HAVE a choice? Would Amy not come after me now I was friends with Cato and his gang? Were Amy and the other two brunette’s bad enemies to make? As I walked into the park that stood halfway between my home and the academy I suddenly got knocked off my feet and sent sprawling backwards into a hedge. I knew that this was no accident. Amy had told the truth. She wasn’t going to let it go. I sat up, and was immediately seized by the two brunettes. Amy was sitting in front of me, her pretty face contorted into a twisted smile. “Here’s the deal, Greenleaf. You leave Cato alone. I leave you alone. Simple as that.”

“What?” I gasped in surprise. Surely she couldn’t think…no…that wasn’t possible. “I saw you coming on to my boy, Cato. He’s taken.” She said matter-of-factly. “Well what if he’s not?” I replied snarkily. Cato sure didn’t look like he was enjoying Amy’s attention earlier. I saw Amy’s boot just a second before it hit me in the face. “No questions.” She snarled. “He’s mine.” She was just about to return for the second blow when a familiar voice came from outside in the park. There was no mistaking it. It was Cato’s. Quick as a flash, Amy jumped to her feet, and ran out to the park.

 “Cato, Cato!” She cried, and I could vaguely see her shoving herself into his arms.

“…Amy?” Cato said, startled. “Amy, what are you doing?” he shoved her off of him. “Why did you just run out of that hedge? And why do you have blood…” his voice tailed off, and before I knew it, he was running in my direction. The two brunettes let go of me and scampered off, as did Amy. I was just getting up to do the same, when Cato’s voice came from behind me.

“Hey.” I spun round, and smiled at him. I thought I owed him at least this much. “You okay?” he asked his deep voice full of concern.

“Yeah, I‘m good” I replied quickly. “Anyway, I’ve gotta get home.” I said, pulling on my backpack.

 “I’ll walk you.” Said Cato in his gorgeous velvety voice. “No, it’s ok.” I argued. “Seriously.” I gave him one more smile and left the park. But he started running after me. “Clove!” he shouted. “Wait up!” So I waited. Cato was a fast runner, it didn’t take him long to get to me. “What did Amy say to you?”

“She warned me to stay away from you, because apparently you are hers.” I said bitterly, kicking a pebble at my feet.

 “Well…that’s not true, Clove. Remember that.” He looked at me meaningfully, and then ran back off into the distance.

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